The Deadliest Race — Day Nine of NaPoWriMo 2023

The stadium rumbles, the race has begun –
Spectators twiddle their thumbs, inhibitions are undone;
Rising hills, and a rocky road,
Stumbling stones and a heavy load –
The decathlon roars to life,
And our hero is faced with strife –
Will they survive, come out alive?

The guards at the gate stand tall and foreboding
No entry, no sir! But our hero keeps goading;
Let me in, let me in, and they slither inside
Running ahead, with others they collide
Words are thrown around with spite,
As each crusader seeks respite;

Onwards across the plaza, down through temple run –
Hurry up, run faster – this race must be won!
Hair a mess, feet as fast as an express,
Another obstacle forms – can you guess?
A cacophony of heavy breathing
Herds of anxious minds screaming –
Bite your nails and pull out your hair;
Thus comes the moment of despair!

Fingers tense, eyes razor sharp
Weaving their way through the flock
Mind in a haze – wait, where am I again?
Never mind, it is time – I must win this game;
You heave and you sigh,
Pushing your way through a sea of tired eyes
Lo and behold! The light turned green,
Your name flashes on the derelict screen

Tears of joy and relief flood the scene
What a terrifying day this has been!
Cheers flood the arena, the hero takes a bow –
Wiping their sweat laden brows;
Will it happen again, you ask our hero?
They nod and smile, “The chances are never zero. ”


Written by Rachana Raman for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

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