The Nostalgia We Live For — Day Eight of NaPoWriMo 2023



New places, and new connections,
always make us wonder,
how will we do it all together?
We go, we wander, and we leave
to find places to break free.

But before we know it,
it’s an 8 AM class and we’re running late.
Rushing to class in a buggy as he swerves ’round the bend, waving to our pals along on the way.
After two, what seemed like never-ending classes,
the most anticipated break begins.

Contemplating between the shop near Om Xerox or Gate 1,
we make a choice; “anna ek vada pav” or “akka ek samosa”.
Our order comes with the warmest smile, filling us with glee.
The thought of the cafeteria brings joy – like unlimited pizza on Friday night.
The perfectly blended cold coffee is served with a smile,
and the day gets a little brighter,
while the compliments about how good the coffee tastes uplift their day.

From going to Om Xerox for anything as tiny as an eraser to books and last-minute printouts,
to the smile and nod the security at the library gives us as the door beeps open;
small interactions like these seem so trivial,
yet they still hold the power to make lives less cynical.

As the sun bleeds its colours into the sky,
we ramble back after an exhausting day.
But who can resist the Campus Store and all the cold drinks it proffers on such scorching sunny days,
or those goodies that the stores at Student Plaza provide?

As we open the refrigerator and the cold air hits our faces,
we pick up what’s best and lay it on the counter, inviting the friendly question, “aur kuch nhi chahiye?”.
We retreat back to our hostels,
never forgetting to pamper the dogs on the way with some biscuits.

As evening falls,
we raise a cup and take a sip
in this little tea shop that we cherish.
A glass of tea and a moment of bliss,
the sizzling sound of a sandwich is an excuse to skip tonight’s Mess food.

In our quaint little Suresh Anna’s shop,
the tiny, charming corner business,
a known saint, a pleasant face,
a convenient location, a fast bite,
perhaps something refreshing to take.

For the shops we go – day to day,
are not merely a place for which we pay.
They sometimes are what we call “comfort places”.
We visit these stores almost every day,
like a routine that never fades away.



Written by Madhu Gowda and Mayuri Sapre for MTTN

Edited by Shivraj Herur for MTTN

Featured Image by Mayuri Sapre

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