The Gamble of Emotions: Day Twenty Four of NaPoWriMo 2023


Ahoy! Hither I step into the fabled land,

Of passion, of friction, of exhilaration and anguish.

With a proud head and a prouder stand,

I pledge to make to expand my realm, my fetish.


Oh, war of words, here I come!

I’m here to claim my throne-

Scratch that, the pedestal was always mine,

Collecting words like a honeybee drawing nectar,

From an assortment of flowers.

Building structures that enchant my dainty grove.


I step onto the battlefield, displaying my wares,

Waiting for souls to swoon, be caught unawares –

Thy connoisseurs would fancy a taste,

Of enthralling, contemporary art?

Isn’t it intricate, layered like delectable tart?

This appetizer is just the start!


An emphatic performance takes me to cloud nine,

The ensuing applause catapulted my lofty pride,

Yes, the credit is all mine, I’m glad you had a great time.

But, then the cacophany of claps had died,

Another artisan had just stepped into the limelight,

Surely, he was no match to this fight.


But oh, how wrong was I.

Hell! He burnt me and silenced my tide.

My face can barely glower at the sight,

Of this magnificent monument of my hubris

Being razed in bright daylight.

How could a single act be my undoing, such a slight!


Has time stopped? My head rings from

This clubbing blow. Had he outgrown me?

Months and hours building my golden sanctuary.

This sacronsanct bubble which nourished me burst,

Knocked the air in my sails, with expression cursed,

Was I burdened by satiety, scouring for thirst?


With baggy eyes, a disguising smile and resigned fate,

I tell him in awe, “’Twas a good one, mate.”

With a saintly smile, he answers,

“Fret not, we’re all part of this journey,

The pursuit is paramount, position doesn’t matter!”

I was willing to relinquish it all in pursuit of my new master.


With a tear, I wiped off my grief

Only for him to embrace me,

“Thy art should be greater than thou self,

So yond thy art transcendeth timeth and faith.

But thy art shan’t exceedeth thy windows,

Hence, thy art needeth thyself.

Doth not succumb to me,

Giveth me company, enrich mine own taste”


The edifice now had its sanctum filled,

The object was gone, a humble soul has it replaced.

It found fertility from my burnt remains.

Now I found the joy that eluded me,

Riding the waves of emotions, not drowning in it,

Savoring the journey, not holding onto it.

In this gamble of emotions, I find Nirvana

When I’m forgiven and when I forgive all that comes to mind.


Accepting this journey was my soul’s grind,

I shall laugh, live and cry.

No vengeance shall I seek, no hurt shall I do,

I shall live within my humble, allocated means,

Yet, be grateful to the Almighty for His generosity, a cosmic tie.

I shall experience all this without a whine,

And live boundlessly till the end of my life.

That is my reason, rhythm and rhyme.


Written by Saurav Das for MTTN 

Featured Artwork by Ishaa Gupta for MTTN 

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