Simulated Realities: Day Eighteen of NaPoWriMo 2023

Our Universe, of atoms, accidental

Springs into sultry existence

Far from earthly fathoms

God’s guttural life sentence



Time; an unholy mother

Unborn, reborn, and neverborn

Deviant and defiant, we discover

Vicious thorns of forlorn scorn



War; a cold world in order

Shaping up stars, lives, and souls

As dying galaxies scream louder

A cacophonic universe uncontrolled



Why do we scream?


When we can whisper


Breathless air into dreams


Horizons of a cloudless vista





Yo, listen up; let me explain.


Why do we scream when we can whisper? It’s insane.


We could breathe air into dreams and create horizons.


With a cloudless vista, all our doubts, we’ll be risin’.





A different world it’s right here; just listen.


It’s a few syllables away, like atomic fission.


Break down the word; it’s like splitting an atom.


Nuclei, this new playa starting from the bottom





In our Universe, atoms collide and align,


A sultry existence, so fine it’s divine,


God’s life sentence, etched in stars and time,


Far from earthly fathoms, a mystery sublime.




Is it time for haiku?


Watch me strike a dagger on this page.


Rhymes are a crime; watch me spit:


The same ol’ message: three different ways






Unholy mother

Time ticks on, never ceasing

Life, death, rebirth



Deviant, defiant

Against fate, we rise and fight

Thorns cannot hold us



Cold World at War’s End

Galaxies whisper their last

Universe undone.





Written by Arjun Khade for MTTN

Edited by Aditi Atreya for MTTN

Featured artwork by Aarathi Mohandas for MTTN


























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