The Sun And The Moon—A Celestial Tale

The Sun and The Moon—embodiments of grandeur and creation—symbols of permanence. To us, they’re a vivid illumination. A fleeting moment between dawn and dusk. What if they were to exchange in a conversation? A parley, of sorts. What would it represent?


A massive ball of energy, anchored in one place,

The Sunlight, one can hardly gaze.

It influences the whole world yet stays still,

Inspiring bright minds and the strongest will.


“I am the Sun, the world revolves around me,

I have been the source of life for centuries.

With bright sunny days as a remedy,

People reminisce about beautiful memories.”


“Who gave you the right, Sun—to be so proud?

I am the Moon, but I’m not declaring it aloud.

We’ve co-existed for years as nature,

But being useful doesn’t make you greater.”


“Why shall I not, on this ungrateful planet?

The Earth that depletes every resource.

Even you revolve consistently around it,

And provide peace to people so coarse.”


“Yes, I’ve been the source of serenity,

For centuries, the Moon has pacified the soul.

But revolving around the world is just an identity,

And only our modesty has ever made us whole.”


“Our sufferance is not appreciated enough,

With my body burning and your edges so rough.

Don’t you ever yearn to get away,

Leaving all the humility and barriers to stay?”


“My radiance, beautiful in its melancholy,

Is unseen as the night grows.

Languor rests around my woes,

As does solitude around you, while you glow.”


“I look down at a sunlit Earth,

A warm painted picture across a crimson sky.

My light breaking into its every crevice, 

As I sit back with my fire—doused and defeated.”


Flanked by a million stars, 

Cased within endless skies, 

Their exchanges give them purpose, 

While they stand, unwavering—binding the vistas.


A smaller ball affecting the Tides,

The Moonlight, merely a reflection of Sunlight,

Encircles the world with a serene band of faith,

Inspiring the greatest hearts and releasing their wraith.



Written by Suhani Kabra and Parva Mehrotra for MTTN

Featured Image by Bhavna Choudhury for MTTN

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