This Halloween

Another day passes by,
in wandering for where I belong,
the path falsely seems enchanting,
my toes bleed every time I stride,
I am rude to tame the wild,
a paradox ensures my sanity.
I wish I chose the paths,
that weren’t formerly seen,
I do haunt myself this Halloween.

Hounded by the surround,
of umpteen mirrors,
I hold my ground on sands of perplex,
my unified self is a jargon,
of a million spitting images of myself,
facets of which I never knew,
identical in form,
but intentions like that,
of a vigorous antonym,
as they waver and snap,
I helplessly love the ones,
that harm me the most.
I see myself as I never have been,
I do haunt myself this Halloween.

Damage seeks to make me wise,
a cauldron of boiling truth,
burn my feet,
only sets the path right,
the fluffy bed of yes men,
always at a safe distance now,
this was the terror which was unforeseen,
for even Diana did once worship the queen,
I do haunt myself this Halloween.

I chase away my demons,
stride closer to my peace.
I plummet down the dark,
of haywire paranormal decease,
to come to terms at the other end.
Maybe the reality is haunting,
even more daunting,
which manifests as you,
this Halloween.


Written by Tejas Kulkarni for MTTN

Featured artwork by Arshia Sangwan for MTTN

Edited by Aditi Atreya for MTTN

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