The Days Before Revels

I wake up to the sound of anklets ringing, echoing throughout the corridor. I look up at my desk to see my clock—it’s 5 am, much too early for any sane person to be awake! It knocked my socks off to see my friend practising her dance sequence when I peeped from the common window. I’ve never seen her up this early, with such enthusiasm. But I could also feel nervousness in the air. Her face was a mix of emotions; Jittery, anxious yet stirred up, and ready to perform. Each step she took was filled with passion and grace. Looking at her determination not only filled me with motivation but also helped me understand why Revels here at Manipal is as big of an event as it is. I decided to complete my nap until I was charged enough to look around the campus.

My nap ended with the smell of rain, and I decided to grab a RedBull to get refreshed fully. The scent of Manipal’s monsoons only adds to the glory of this fest. On leaving the hostel entrance, my friends and I were stopped by many adorable pups waiting for pets and treats. So, we make our way to the campus store, where we see volunteers stringing up lights and putting up posters along the sides of the path. They look like they’ve been working tirelessly, and while their eyes look drowsy, their actions are full of joy and delight. We also see a group of artists paint the walls slowly but exquisitely, their clothes splattered with dried-up colours. After feeding the pups, we make our way to the food court, where the smell of morning breakfast fills the air. But wait, it smells different! As we head over to see the food, we’re pleasantly surprised by the change in the menu, all courtesy of Revels!

As my friends and I sat down to enjoy the special breakfast prepared for us, we discussed what we were most excited about. Richa mentioned the cultural events, especially the band performances where they plan to perform Arctic Monkeys, her favourite band. Shreya was excited about the sports events—it meant the world to her to be a part of the basketball team; basketball and wearing her heart and collegiate pride on her sleeve was just the cherry on top. In his prime gamer form, Shridhar is looking forward to the FIFA and Valorant events. A total foodie, Aman was thrilled to try the various food stalls, tokens, and snacks set up, especially for the fest. But everyone was looking forward to one thing in common: the Proshow. Although everyone was excited about different aspects of the fest, they were united by the emotion of experiencing Revels for the first time after being stuck at home for two years! This joy could be seen on their faces as they moved out of the food court and made their way towards the student plaza where the Proshow registrations had just begun. We could see organizers ordering the volunteers around and guiding them to ensure they didn’t mess up. Some looked terrified, but their zeal overweighed their uncertainty, and after all, everyone wants to do their part for Revels.

The best part of Revels is how inclusive it is. It welcomes you to express, learn and grow in a place that feels like home. Seeing the campus decorated in such colour and work ethic really puts you into a festive mood. I observed unity throughout the campus during the preparations for the event. The sound of drums banging, guitars in unison, flutes playing, and pianos matching chords is indeed a sight to see. So, whether it’s extended perm time or the ProShow lineup you’re excited about, you can be guaranteed to have a great time and tons of fun. The vibes are immaculate and unmatched, and the memories you make here will be etched in your hearts and stay with you for years to come. It’s an experience like no other, and I’m not talking only about the fest—this includes the days of preparation leading up to it. After almost 2 years, the students of Manipal are coming together for one of the year’s most significant events. An event this big obviously has many people working behind the scenes, around the clock, to make it a success. Whether you’re an organizer, a volunteer, or an artist, you play a part in Revels. It may seem insignificant, but all of you are the gears that make up the clock and help it run smoothly.


Written by Aayush Niraj and Roshni Pingalay for MTTN

Edited by Shirley Asangi for MTTN

Featured Image and Images by Hrittik Dutta for MTTN

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