A Guide to MIT Placements

Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT, Manipal) is a constituent institute under Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) that specialises in the field of engineering. It was established in 1957 and is one of the first self-financed colleges in India. The institute offers graduate and postgraduate degrees in engineering spread across 17 departments.

There are a number of questions one might have regarding the placements of the different branches. Here is a guide to the placement scenario at MIT, Manipal.

Recruitment Process

Fourth-year students have to complete an internship for their final semester. Companies visit the campus between August and December of the seventh semester and conduct a recruitment process. The students pursue their internship from the first week of January for about 4–6 weeks in their eighth semester.

For both internships and placements, the recruitment process begins with a test. The cut-off to write these exams is usually 6–8.5 CGPA depending on the company, and the questions asked tend to be a combination of aptitude-based and technical. For computer-based internships, there will be a coding section too.

Following the test, the shortlisted students go through a series of elimination rounds spread across the course of the day. These can be technical interviews or group discussions and are used to gauge the student’s knowledge in their branch as well as whether or not they’d be a good fit in the company. Things like a strong CV, understanding of basics in the respective field as well as projects and communication skills are useful here.

Placement Categories

There are different types of offers that a student may receive during placements from a company. These are placement offers, internship offers, placement+internship offers or pre-placement officers. 

  • Pre-Placement Offers (PPO):

Companies visit the campus in the third year to recruit students for a Summer Internship. Students selected can be offered a PPO at the end of their internship. This depends on the work that the student does with the company and whether or not the company is impressed by it. If impressed, the company would convert the student into a full-time employee after graduation. 

  • Placement + Internship (P+I):

Companies might offer students a placement+internship offer when they come for recruitment in the seventh semester. This will land students an internship for their final semester and allow them to become a full-time employee of the company after completing the internship.

  • Placement Offers:

In this kind of offer, companies provide students with a full-time job after graduation.

Past Trends in Placements

Over 150 companies visit MIT for campus internships and placements including Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle. The Batch of 2019, saw over a thousand placement offers, with companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Infosys, KPMG, and Schneider Electric recruiting the most number of students.

The following is a list of all the courses the institute offers and the number of students placed branch-wise in the batch 2019:

Aeronautical Engineering: 6
Automobile Engineering: 6
Biomedical Engineering: 3
Biotechnology Engineering: 3
Chemical Engineering: 11
Computer and Communication Engineering: 76
Computer Science Engineering: 172
Civil Engineering: 34
Electrical and Electronics Engineering: 123
Electronics and Communication Engineering: 151
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering: 30
Industrial and Production Engineering: 9
Information Technology Engineering: 85
Mechanical Engineering: 98
Mechatronics Engineering: 17
Media Technology Engineering: 7

For more information about placements in Manipal, you can refer to MIT’s Placement Highlights. All statistics have been taken from the Information Brochure given to students during counselling.

Written by Shreyes Srivastava and Vaishnavi Karkare for MTTN

Featured Image by Chirag Bansal for MTTN

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