Verve Sports 2022

“Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.” 

Verve Sports held by KMC saw all students participate with great enthusiasm. From waking up before the crack of dawn to sweating it out on the field, it was a welcome break from the monotony of lectures and postings. Each batch put up a tough fight and had the audience at the edge of their seats. 



The Sharda courts were buzzing with excitement as Volleyball enthusiasts gathered to compete in the rigorous sport. The exceptional teams were heavily cheered on by their peers. Several exhilarating rounds of elimination later, the finals were played between the fourth years and TIPS. Both teams were equally matched in their talent, grit and determination. The fourth years were off to a great start, winning the first round 10-25. However, the TIPS team swayed the next two rounds in their favor with scores of 25-23, 15-10, sealing their fate as victors. 

Following are the results:


Winners: TIPS

Runners Up: 4th Years


Winners: TIPS

Runners Up: 4th Years



Throwball is a non-contact ball sport played across a net between two teams of nine players on a rectangular court. Players hit the ball with full force and the zeal to win was unparalleled. The audience cheered as loudly as possible and motivated by them, the players played a fine game.

Following are the results:

1st Place: 3rd years

2nd place: 2nd years



With the brilliant minds carefully planning and strategizing each move, each match was a pleasure to watch. With slow calculated moves, each player tried to slowly inch towards victory. After a suspenseful few matches, the following were the winners.

1st place: TIPS( Dr Hari Shankar, Dr Rakkesh Gopalakrishnan, Dr Swami Kanuri, Arjit Repuriya, Anish Tripathy)

2nd place  3rd years (Swaraj CVRK, Anirudh V, Varnan, Nikita, Vidit)

3rd place  4th years (Gibson James, Vrinda Mohan, Rohit Mahajan, Sujit B, Gautham Surana)


Men’s singles

The men’s singles tennis match was an exhibit of true sportsmanship, as both the finalists brought their A games to the Sharda courts. Despite the match being held at the tail of a long, tiring day, the players were in high spirits. The well matched opponents spared no chance for each other to concede a point. After a lengthy back-and-forth which had everyone at the edge of their seats, the player representing the second year emerged victorious, with set scores of 6-4, 6-3. A fast-paced, intense display of agility and skills, the game was ultimately a true treat for fans of the sport.

Following are the results

Gold: Aayushmaan Rathee (2nd year)

Silver: Chirag Bhojwani (3rd year)

Bronze: Vinayak Nigam (3rd year)


Women’s singles

Sweat dripping on the court and determination at an all time peak, the girls battled it out to take home the prestigious title of winners and win their batch points. The ball bounced back and forth as the audience cheered them on at the top of their voices. After multiple nail biting matches, the player representing the first year emerged victorious. 

Following are the results:

Gold: Nidhi Anasuya Parcha (1st year)

Silver: Vedika Malik (3rd year)

Bronze: Rhea D’Souza (2nd year)


Men’s Doubles

The tension in the air was almost palpable as the players hit the ball back and forth across the court in the quest to emerge as winners. Encouraged by the loud audience, the men played an exceptional game that had everyone’s eyes glued to the ball. After a very close match between the equally talented players, the third years emerged as winners.

Following are the results

Gold: Chirag Bhojwani (3rd year) and Vinayak Nigam (3rd year)

Silver: Aayushmaan Rathee (2nd year) and Keshav Garg (2nd year)

Bronze: Aryan Maan (1st year)and Kartikeya Agarwal (1st year)


Overall winners

1st place: 3rd year

2nd place:2nd year

3rd place: 1st year


Table Tennis

The Verve Table Tennis finals took place on the 24th of March 2022. The event got off to a very exciting start with the players all lined up and ready to go. The atmosphere was filled with the sounds of the ping pong ball hitting the table and shoes screeching on the floor. The players gave it their everything. 

Following are the results:


1st place: 4th year (Devang Agrawal, Vikram Ram, Vatsalya Choudhary)

2nd place: 2nd year (Arunabh Sisodia, Pranjal Gupta, Shubhanshu Jaiswal)

3rd place: TIPS (Anant Batra, Aashay Mody, Aditya Prabhu)


1st place – 4th year (Mitali Goel)

2nd place – 3rd year (Himangi Pareek)


The swimming tournament for Verve was organized in two phases on 27th and 29th March. The tournament was open for MBBS students of KMC Manipal, as well as teachers, interns and PGs. The participants had all reached the MIT swimming pool and spent an hour warming up.  


The winners were of the events were as follows:

33m butterfly (male)

1st place: Mohit Arora (3rd year)

2nd place: Anand (3rd year)

3rd place: Aditya (TIPS)

33m butterfly (female)

1st place: Akshata Ammembal (4th year)

2nd place: Garima(3rd year)

3rd place: Khushi(3rd year)

33m breaststroke (male)

1st place: Hrithik(3rd year)

2nd place: Anand(3rd year)

3rd place: Aditya(TIPS)

33m breaststroke (female)

1st place: Navya(2nd year)

2nd place: Akshita(4th year)

3rd place: Garima(3rd year)

33 m backstroke (male)

1st place: Mohit Arora (3rd year)

2nd place: Anand singh (3rd year)

3rd place: Aditya Prabhu (TIPS)

33 m backstroke (female)

1st place: Garima(3rd year)

2nd place: Akshita(4th year)

3rd place: Arshia (2nd year)

33m freestyle (male)

1st place: Mohit Arora (3rd year)

2nd place: Anand singh (3rd year)

3rd place: Aditya Prabhu (TIPS)

 33m freestyle (female)

1st place: Garima(3rd year)

2nd place: Arshia (2nd year)

3rd place: Akshita(4th year)

66m freestyle (male)

1st place: Mohit Arora (3rd year)

2nd place: Anand singh (3rd year)

3rd place: Aditya Prabhu (TIPS)

66m freestyle (female)

1st place: Garima (3rd year)

2nd place: Navya Gupta (2nd year)

3rd place: Anchita (3rd year)

33×4 individual medley boys

1st place: Anand singh (3rd year)

2nd place:  Aditya Prabhu (TIPS)

3rd place: Roshan

33×4 individual medley girls

1st place: Garima (3rd year)

2nd place: Akshita(4th year)

3rd place: Arshia (2nd year)



Smash after smash resonated across the court as the players tried their best to win their batch points and take home the prestigious title. The audience was kept at the edge of their seats as the fast paced game progressed. The players put their best food forward and were cheered on by the enthusiastic audience. 

Following are the results

Singles:Boys   1st place   Rishabh Kumar Yadav (3rd year)                          

                          2nd place  Anirudh Venkatesh (3rd year)                                

                          3rd place  Dr. Guatam Karthikeyan (TIPS)     


Singles:Girls 1st place   Shreya Joshi (4th year)                                         

                          2nd place  Hrudya Madamanchi (TIPS)                                  

                          3rd place Megha m rao (TIPS)             


Doubles :Boys 1st place   Dr. Gautam Karthikeyan, Dr. Udeept Sindhu (TIPS)

                          2nd place  Anirudh Venkatesh, Rishabh Kumar Yadav (3rd year)

                          3rd place Suhas J S R, Sandeep Chowdary (TIPS)  


Doubles :Girls  1st place   Hrudhya Madamanchi, Megha m rao (TIPS)          

                          2nd place  Shreya joshi, Muskaan Jain (4th year)                   

                          3rd place  Simran Singh Bhadauriya, Ananya Agarwal (1st year)



Squash is very similar to tennis, only the players aren’t facing each other, and there’s no net. The players alternate in striking the small, hollow rubber ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court. The Verve – men’s quarterfinals held at Marena started with a racket spin (the racket is spun, and the direction in which the racket falls determines the winner of the toss). 

Following are the results


Winner: Devesh Jindal (1st Year)

Runner up: KP Ashwin (TIPS)



Winner: Shuchi Abhishek (TIPS)

Runner up: Anushka Acharya (1st Year) 


Shooting hoop after hoop, the players played their best and tried to win their batch the prestigious title of winners. The crowd screamed their lungs out in support of their favorite players, with each side coming up with fancy slogans and funny one liners to motivate the players. Following a phenomenal match of the girls, with each team matching each other in skill and training, TIPS finally bagged the trophy while the 3rd years were runners up. In boys, TIPS won with the 4th years coming in a close second. 


With the girls kicking the ball across the lush greens of end point, it was truly a pleasure to watch each match. Scoring goal after gol, the match was finally won by 4th years while the 1st years put up a good fight and came in a close second. 


Played as the KTPL league, where teams were chosen after auctioning, all teams put up a good game that had the audience entertained for the whole duration of the match. 

Best batsman: Taresh Bondia

Best Bowler: Pavan Yadav

Best fielder: Anand Singh

Emerging player: Abhinav Singh




Gold: Varun Suresh (4th year)

Silver: Pradnayan Agrawal (3rd year)

Bronze:Ayushman Kashyap (2nd year)


Gold: Viha Atri (TIPS)

Silver: Yatee Samantaray (1st year)

Bronze: Samridhi Kumaresan (1st year)


Gold: Rohan Ajeesh (2nd year)

Silver: Amruth Boppe (4th year)

Bronze: Chirag Bansal (2nd year)


Gold: Viha Atri (TIPS)

Silver: Ananya Agarwal (1st year)

Bronze: Tanvi Bahudhanam (4th year)


Gold: Varun Suresh (4th year)

Silver: Asif Ahmed 4th year)

Bronze: Pradhnayan Agarwal (3rd year)

 400m -girls

Gold: Samridhi Kumaresan (1st year)

Silver: Khushboo (TIPS)

Bronze: Yatee Samantaray (1st year)


Gold: Aarathi Mohandas (3rd year)

Silver:Tanvi Bahudhanam (4th year)

Bronze: Kavya Raghavendra (4th year)

 1500 m -Boys

Gold: Abhishek Saharan (3rd year)

Silver: Prithiv Kumar (4th year)

Bronze: Varnan (3rd year)

 Relay-4*100 – boys

Gold: Mayank Sharma, Varun Suresh, Siddhant Raizada, Prithiv Kumar

Silver: Rohan Ajeesh, Sahil Goel, Chirag Bansal, Arkansh Divya

 Relay-4*100 – Girls

Gold: Tanvi Bahudhanam, Sonakshi, Vrinda Mohan, Kavya Raghavendra

Silver: Vanshika Saini, Sameghsha Jain, Khushi Goel, Amina Haneen

High Jump-boys

Gold: Akanksha Chopra (1st year)

Silver: Nitish Shetty (TIPS)

Bronze:Vishal Bandari (TIPS)

Long Jump -Boys

Gold: Pradnayan Agrawal (3rd year)

Silver: Ayushman Kashyap (2nd year)

Bronze:Vishal Bandari (TIPS)

Long Jump-Girls

Gold: Viha Atri (TIPS)

Silver: Sonakshi (4th year)

Bronze: Khushboo (TIPS)

 Discus throw -boys

Gold:Mayank Sharma (4th year)

Silver: Abhijay Awasthi(3rd year)

Bronze: Aditya Lochab (3rd year)

 Discus throw -girls

Gold:Khushboo (TIPS)

Silver:Yatee Samantaray (1st year)

Bronze: Mariyah Haji (1st year)

 Shot Put-Boys

Gold: Mayank Sharma (4th year)

Silver: Suraj (3rd year)

Bronze: Abhishek (3rd year)

 Shot Put -Girls

Gold: Khubhoo (TIPS)

Silver: Shreya Reddy Vennam (3rd year)

Bronze: Vanshika Saini(2nd year)

 Triple Jump -boys

Gold: Pradnayan Agrawal (3rd year)

Silver: Ayushman Kashyap (2nd year)

Bronze:Vishal Bandari (TIPS)

 Triple Jump-girls

Gold:Viha Atri (TIPS)

Silver: Errin Sara Kurian(2nd year)

Bronze: Samegsha (2nd year)

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony for Verve 2022, was conducted on  30th March 2022 to mark the end of the month-long sports competition and to award the winners of the various sports competitions. The ceremony commenced at 8 PM at Sharda Courts.

Dr Vinod Nayak, the sports faculty advisor (MAHE), was invited as the chief guest. The team of Teachers, Interns, and Post-graduates (TIPS) were announced as the overall winners of the event.


Written by MTTN Crew for MTTN

Edited by Shivangi Acharya for MTTN

Photography by MTTN Crew for MTTN

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