Verve Sports 2022

“Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.” 

Verve Sports held by KMC saw all students participate with great enthusiasm. From waking up before the crack of dawn to sweating it out on the field, it was a welcome break from the monotony of lectures and postings. Continue Reading

Verve: Day Three

Sunday morning saw a lot of late risers scramble out of bed early to catch the Street Play. They were well rewarded, for all three competing semesters put up a show that was talked about for the rest of the day. The second semesters kicked off the event with a … Continue Reading

Verve: Day Two

Day 2 of Verve 2018 began in excellent style with the inter-batch Debate. With the topic of ‘Technology having a negative impact on the upbringing of children today’ given 24 hours in advance, the participants had enough time to rock the show. There were 6 teams with each team comprising … Continue Reading

Verve: Day One

The first day of Verve 2018 kicked off with enthusiasm coloured with the spirit of Holi, and a theme of ardent 90’s nostalgia to mark the last batch composed of those who saw that decade, no matter how fleetingly.

Fittingly, the first event at hand was the 90’s quiz, hosted … Continue Reading

Verve 2016 Day 4


What do you really believe in?
Turncoat, held in Interact GB, left the participants in this dilemma as they had to present opposing sides of the motion they were given. Motions ranged from the usage of PR campaigns being a better alternative to military action against terrorism, to the … Continue Reading

Verve 2016: Day 3

It was the third day of one of the most awaited fests of KMC, Verve 2016. With emotions running high and overwhelming enthusiasm, the events were as follows:


Something that is uncertain or whose influence is unpredictable is always named ‘the game changer’. Such was the theme of the … Continue Reading

VERVE 2016: DAY 2

The Verve’16 Debate saw participants from various semesters, arguing the motion “Ethical objections to stem cell research should not result in it being disavowed.” Judged by Dr Punja and Dr Deepak, the debate was of the 3+1 minutes format. The event, held in Interact, saw speakers talking about the
Continue Reading

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