Fuel RC Timeout

Think demolishing expensive cars, spending millions on CGI, and whipping out Vin Diesel’s abs whenever possible is the only recipe for a fast and furious experience? Fuel RC disagrees.

The Block-13 stretch was lined today with expectant onlookers standing under the flaming sun, tapping their feet to the beat of AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, just to witness “Time Attack” – the first of four events to be organized by Fuel RC.


14 teams (4 from MIT) were to unleash their Nitro RC cars onto a track built specifically to test their control and precision.

With max. speeds going up to 80 km/hr, scaling up to a height of about a foot, these Nitroethanol-fuelled vehicles having an IC engine are basically a simmered down version of an actual F1 car.  


Each team had been practicing throughout the year just to complete one lap of the circuit as fast as they could.

“There are a lot of events like this one all over the country, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the best RC-event in India”, says Akshat Mathur (Category Head).

“Such a huge crowd, all the eyes on us, all the expectations to deliver, don’t pressure us at all. We love what we do, and so we keep doing something bigger and better each year. We wish we had our own club and workshop so that we could bring these events to the students more frequently” he further stated with a huge grin on his face.


He maintains that they’re all just a bunch of people who enjoy the sweet sound of vulcanized rubber hitting the roads, as much as the next person enjoys extra cheese on his pizza.

With such a cut-throat event featuring such passionate and proficient participants, Fuel RC has kicked-off their fifth Tech Tatva, with a bang. Be sure to attend the rest of their events!

The speed is intoxicating.

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