IGCLA: Day Four

Sunday, October 24, marked the end of the Indo-German Conference of Lindau Alumni (IGCLA) 2017. Over the past 4 days, Manipal witnessed yet another spectacular conference, the IGCLA 2017, wherein multiple hands-on workshops were conducted to improve knowledge and create awareness about upcoming techniques in addition to the estimable speakers.

After breakfast on the final day, a session of talks by various speakers was conducted from 9 a.m. to 1 pm.

The first talk of the day was delivered by Dr. Gregorz Kubik, a post doctorate fellow in the department of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology and an alumnus of the 65th Lindau Nobel laureate meet in Germany. He spoke on research and innovations in the field of Biotechnology with their direct impact on the medical field today through multilateral cooperation in sciences and other interdisciplinary collaborations.

Next up, came Dr. Pritam Deb, Professor in the Department of Physics, Tezpur Central University, Assam and an alumnus of the 2005 Lindau meet in Germany. With his areas of research being surface science, nanotechnology and magnetism, Dr. Pritam spoke on how nano structures could open a way to new technologies which could, in turn,  improve the accuracy and success rate of procedures in modern medicine.

After this, Dr. Nadeem Bashir, Associate Professor, Government College for Women, Srinagar and the Indian representative at the 2010 Lindau Nobel Laureate meet in Germany, delivered a speech on how ultra-high molecular weight polymers have evolved from conventional to recent novel synthetic approaches.

Following the previous speech, Dr. Rajashik Tarafder, Project Associate, Department of Space Sciences, IISER, Assam and an alumnus of the 66th Lindau Nobel laureate meet in Germany came up. He spoke about a Zero Dimension Time Delay model in which he described the dynamics of time in a new dimension altogether.

The penultimate speaker, Dr. Harshvardhan Reddy, PhD Research Scholar, Department of Physics, CSIR, Kolkata and an alumnus at the 2012 Lindau Nobel laureate meet in Germany. He spoke on Photonics and its application on everyday medicine.

The last speaker for the day, Dr. Tejal Agarwal, PhD Research Scholar, Department of Physics, IISER, Pune and an alumna at 2016 Lindau Nobel laureate meet in Germany spoke on the origin of spatial organization of DNA polymers in Chromosomes, starting with the basics and later progressing to the current model of DNA proteins.

To sum up the entire conference and to bring it to a memorable end, a closing ceremony was organized by KMC, Manipal. Prizes for the case and research poster competitions were given away by Dr Pragna Rao, Dean of KMC, Manipal while the prizes for the various quizzes were given away by Dr. Aravind Pandey, Department of Anatomy. Arup Saha, the Organizing Chairperson of IGCLA delivered the vote of thanks, mentioning all the hard work put up the various departments of IGCLA and with a short speech by Dr. Partha Dabke.

– Written by Rohan Basak

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