The Greatest Standing – Notre Dame


Imagine a light entering through heavily tinted rose windows,
seeping in like a soft wave,
subtle yet so holy;
bringing mighty a peace to all who trod their way through.


A large buttress overhead,
room enchanting just like a fairy-tale,
created in an era where such was unheard of,
breaking through every barrier of known science,
fighting against the upturns of human history.
Surviving and pushing, with peace and love and hope.

The greatest standing Cathedral – Notre Dame.

As of 15th April 2019, days before Christianity’s grandest – Easter, the mightiest source of French history was seen crumbling by an outbroken fire. With centuries of history and knowledge accumulated well within its walls, the Notre Dame was witnessed by the world as it fell on itself, its spire breaking apart and igniting the fire further.

Over four hundred firefighters rushed in to save the most visited monument in Paris.
Delicately overlooking the river Seine, the cathedral has stood upright for eight hundred fifty-six years before the fire, which according to multiple news sources was believed to have started due to some renovation work to strengthen the structure.

While a majority of the cathedral has been saved from crashing by the diligent firefighters, years of hard work and history have been instantly burned away.

There have been many moments throughout history during which the mighty cathedral was made to go through the darkest of times.


  1. Starting as early as 1548, the Huguenots – also called the early reformations in the protestants of France, chose to damage some of the many statues that adorned the Dame.


  1. Going through several changes and alterations between 1643 and 1774 due to the new reign of Louis, the Notre Dame had its choir changed and many of its famous rose-tinted windows were alternated for white.


  1. When the French Revolution kicked up, we watched as the Notre Dame was torn apart by its very own.
    With multiple of its statue’s heads broken off, the large bells melted, and the entire cathedral being used like a warehouse, dark times were truly upon the heads of the cathedral.


  1. And as for the most famous story that originates over the existence of the Notre Dame, we say hi to Quasimodo, our ever loving and caring Hunchback.
    This simple tale of love and friendship, deception and hatred that revolves solely around the famous cathedral was also the one that brought all the love and attention that soon flooded through its doors. We watched as the cathedral transformed into its ultimate beauty, even while being worn down by the forces of nature. Thanks to this well-received novel by Victor Hugo, we watched the world embrace and fall in love with the ever-standing cathedral.


Ever since then, we know for certain that such misfortunes cannot take away the true beauty of Notre Dame.
And as we mourn for the treasure that has burned down; we also pray for this historic beauty to be rebuilt soon and stand for this world, as it always has and always will.


~ Written by Melissa Carlo for MTTN

~ Artwork by Ankita Shenai and Ashirwad Ray 

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