Verve: Day Two

Day 2 of Verve 2018 began in excellent style with the inter-batch Debate. With the topic of ‘Technology having a negative impact on the upbringing of children today’ given 24 hours in advance, the participants had enough time to rock the show. There were 6 teams with each team comprising of two contestants, one speaking for and one against the motion. Relevant issues like lack of social skills, health hazards and insane trends were showcased in an eloquent manner. The judges for the show, Dr. Sudhir from the Department of Biochemistry and Dr. Deepak from the Department of Pathology sure did have a tough time deciding the winners as all participants put forth equally compelling arguments. The winners were,

First Place: Fourth Semester

Second Place: Sixth Semester

Third Place: Second Semester

Artists gathered at Interact with the tools of their trade for Face Painting. With 45 minutes at hand and the topic of “Blast from the Past”, the students set out to interpret the theme in their own ways. A myriad of colours and an array of beautifully painted faces could be seen by the end of the event. The judges were Dr Vikram Palimar, Department of Forensic Medicine and Dr Lydia Quadros, Department of Anatomy.

As the last rays of the setting sun left the grounds, the Greens Stage was lit up by the soulful and melodious rendition of one popular track after another. The event was judged by Dr Chandni Gupta from the Department of Anatomy and Dr Shyamala from the Department of OBG. The creativity of the singers was at its peak as English contemporaries blended in seamlessly with Hindi classics. The audience hummed along with the participants as classical tracks like “Pyaar hua ekraar hua” and “Tum saath ho’ and many others were belted out successively. The atmosphere was charged with the rich voices of the young vocalists who captivated the audience and left them in a harmonious trance for the rest of the evening.

The Eastern dance solo performers transfixed the audience with their sprightly Desi moves matched beat-to-beat to a sublime selection of popular Desi songs, like ‘Ghoomar’ and ‘Dhol Baje’, to name a few.  Gliding in their eye-catching costumes around the wide expanse of the stage, the dancers seemed to pop out at the crowd with their seamless spins and energetic steps infused with a good measure of both grace and pizzazz. Their expressions synced perfectly with the mood of the onlookers – high-spirited, ready to lap up all the fun the evening promised. The solo performances were like delicious starters to whet the appetite for the group events that were to follow.

Dance is a form of narrativia that embraces the most sacred depths of the soul. Day two of Verve saw the event of Eastern group dance. The event did justice to its name as it encompassed songs from every corner the country and it also got people to reminisce the retro era with songs such as Bachna ae Haseeno and Pehla pehla pyaar. The energy of the crowd was sky high and even though the event was halted for a bit due to some technical difficulties, the zeal in the air did not die down. The fully Desi crowd swayed to the beats and sang along to all the peppy numbers. Be it an all girls group or guys dressing up as girls, all five slots showcased six minutes of passion and hard work. It was definitely an event to remember.

The Greens stage bore witness to a show of exuberance as professors and postgraduates of various teaching departments of KMC stepped into their dancing shoes. While the OBG department decided to stick to the theme of their daily practice, others like the ENT department was rife with professors in Avengers costumes. Of note was Dr MV Pai’s department shaking their legs to Ob-Gyne style, which was a throwback to the viral sensation ‘Gangnam Style.’ It was evident that the professors took time out of their busy schedules to put up a show for their students. No chair was left empty as the KMC students came out in full attendance. Members of the audience were seen cheering for their favorite professors. A notable absence of the Anatomy department this year was seen.

First Place: OBG

Second Place: Anesthesiology

Third Place: Pharmacology and ENT

As reported by – Rohan Basak, Shraddha Murali, Supratim Banerjee, Niharika Dixith, Anushna Sen, Reetobaan Datta

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