Verve: Day One

The first day of Verve 2018 kicked off with enthusiasm coloured with the spirit of Holi, and a theme of ardent 90’s nostalgia to mark the last batch composed of those who saw that decade, no matter how fleetingly.

Fittingly, the first event at hand was the 90’s quiz, hosted by Sourabh Srinivasan and Abhay Bazaz. The entire decade flashed by in a couple of hours, encapsulated anachronistically amongst the songs, cartoons, movies, and literature evoked by the questions. Questions seemed to recall childhood memories associated with the answers and with it, a semblance of childlike glee spread through the room. The winners of the event were,

First Place: TIPS

Second Place: 6th Semester

Third Place: 6th Semester

Cartoons have always been not just a source of amusement but also a powerful medium to send a strong message to the public. The artists of KMC Manipal set out to maintain this legacy during the Cartooning event as a part of Verve 2018. The topic was ‘A 90’s evening’, in accordance with the general fest theme, depicted by each contestant through their pen strokes. The winners were,

First Place: 4th Semester

Second Place: 6th Semester

Third Place: 4th Semester

“I write with experiences in mind, but I don’t write about them, I write out of them.”

-John Ashbery

For those in their twenties, the final decade of the millennium bears memories which are relived only through television re-runs of Shah Rukh Khan stretching his arms out wide for Kajol or the iconic Cartoon Network logo.  The theme of ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Memories of the Past’ ensured that the Interact GA hall bore witness to revelry of childhoods.  The fierce competition led the judges into a dilemma of selecting one piece as the best of the lot. Finally, it was settled that Deeksha Grover from 6th Semester and Neha Bhatia from the 4th Semester would jointly take back with them the satisfaction of having impressed the judges and thus gaining vital points for their semester.

Following quick on the heels of the 90s Quiz came the Potpourri event. A written round composed of puzzles to tease the mind to awakening preceded the finals which put these awoken minds to good use in rounds such as Taboo, Psych and the ever-favored Charades. Delighted faces graced the room, and even the smallest of victories earned the loudest of cheers. The winners of the event were,

First Place: TIPS (Dr Omer, Dr Pritvik, Dr Zaid)

Second Place: 6th Semester (Sidharth, Anagha, Gopika)

Third Place: 6th Semester (Ashish, Avinash, Ravikiran)

The first music competition of Verve 2018 began at Greens at around 6 pm. Watched by a crowd which grew larger as the evening deepened to darkness, the participants showcased their prowess with various instruments, the commonest being guitar and keyboard. Beautiful renditions of melodies as diverse as the Game of Thrones theme, Titanic theme, Interstellar theme, Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi and evergreen classics must have proved to be quite a challenge for Dr. Kailash to judge. A solitary tabla and a Mohan Veena added to the diversity. The much-deserved first prize was bagged by Gautam, the gentleman on the Mohan Veena. Second place went to Abhishar, and third place was jointly awarded to Aaditya Sreehari and Tanvi.

The bid for the best creative dance duet was judged by Dr Sushma from the Department of Anatomy, Dr Vinutha from the Department of Biochemistry & Dr Shubha from the Department of OBG. Gyrating to peppy dance numbers like ‘Aaja Nachle’, ‘Desi Girl’ and others, the young dancers enthralled all and sundry with their impressive steps. As the final dancers for the event brought the event to a perfect close with some jaw-dropping steps, the audience broke into a thunderous applause for the creativity and innovation of the participants.

Western Dance Solo was an event which left everyone spell-bound. Within a span of just four minutes each participant glorified each dance move with grace. The judges for the event were Dr Sushma from the Department of Anatomy, Dr Shubha from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Dr Archana from the Department of Anaesthesiology. The crowd and the dancers struck a perfect balance and their energy complemented each other. The choice of songs ranged from Uptown Funk and 24K magic to old melodies like Stereo Love and the Ketchup Song.

To come back year after year and exceed everyone’s expectations is no easy feat, but the fact that the Western Dance Group teams manage to do it is what makes the event so popular. This year’s event was undoubtedly the most daring of all years past. While perfectly timed stunts kept in the crowd in awe, brief injections of humour added by using old songs or quirky moves, made sure everyone’s attention was riveted on the stage.

It was the perfect end to the first day of Verve, rousing everyone’s enthusiasm for more.

As reported by – Dharini Prasad, Anushna Sen, Niharika Dixith, Supratim Banerjee, Shraddha Murali, Reetobaan Datta and Vivek Mahapatra

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