Restaurants to Visit in Manipal


We’ve handpicked some of the most piquant yet underrated food items you can try out in Manipal if you haven’t already! 

Your one stop guide to the most palatable cuisines handpicked and listed for convenience:

  • Dolphin Lunch Home/ DLH-

Located near the famous club Badshah is a restaurant that specialises in seafood, DLH will never let you down in terms of the quality of the fish as it sources the freshest meats from local merchants all throughout Udupi. 

Integrating an engaging fusion of several cuisines into one menu, Dolphin Lunch Home serves everything from traditional biryani to authentic South Indian seafood. As soon as you enter DLH, you’re hit by the welcoming atmosphere of people eating rice and fish curry in banana leaves. It offers you a cultural check as Manipal becomes increasingly impacted by northern and western culture every day. 

Given that you purchase freshly sourced seafood, the price-to-quantity ratio is unmatched throughout the entire region. Some delicacies include Prawns ghee roast, Neer dosa with fish curry and the 15 rupee chicken kebabs.

  • ZZA Bar-

Some of the tastiest pizzas in Manipal are made in a small, bustling restaurant close to Syndicate Circle. The crew at ZZA Bar ensures that each order is delivered promptly and to the highest standard despite having a seating capacity of just 15 people. 

Each practically weightless slice will deliver a pleasant crackling as you fold to swallow it. The crust is particularly salty and crunchy. You’ll feel ecstatic after your first slice, and after your second, you’ll want to curl up in a sleeping bag and want to watch a romantic comedy.

 People’s pizza preferences have always been incredibly subjective, and you can order any kind of pizza here if you wish to customise the toppings or just want a half-and-half. Even though the prices are not the lowest, it’s lower than the competition and pretty apt for what they have to offer.

  • Poornima Canteen

Poornima, which is situated on the western side of the MIT campus, has long been considered the most incredible place to have some chicken korma and ghee rice. Players have long gone to Poornima, located in front of Block 9, to rehydrate with their famous ice-lime drinks. 

The chicken club sandwich and their chicken ghee roast must be the two notable best-sellers. Poornima offers a decent alternative to the boring mess menu and routine while maintaining the exact unbeatable costs for food on campus. 

This location can be your savior in your quest to fill your stomach if you are hesitant to try something new, don’t want to spend a lot of money, or are starving in your hostels after the gates have closed.

  • Ribbons & Balloons-

A mid-town doughnut shop, which is walking distance from MIT Gate 1, called Ribbons and Balloons, offers a wide selection of doughnuts, from cult favorites like Chocolate Truffle to Cream Cheese, at very affordable prices. 

Despite being well-known for its mouthwatering sweet treats, Ribbons and Balloons also offers a variety of rolls, with the Malai Chicken Roll serving as its standout item. Its signature roll consists of juicy chicken, malai, minced herbs, and creamy mayo; all rolled up in toasty, soft bread topped with black sesame seeds. There are also Greek chicken rolls and a coastal chicken burger on the menu. 

R&B could be a great option if you want to treat yourself to some tasty savoury food but also have a sweet tooth and are on a minimal budget.

  • Manna Rolls-

Manna rolls, a food joint 100 feet ahead of Grub Monkeys, is a favourite spot for students and locals, and the never-ending crowd pays testimony to its popularity.

Ever felt hungry for something quick, delicious and snacky while having a light pocket? Manna Rolls has got your cravings covered! Ideal for an evening snack, a savoury filling wrapped in a crispy, flaky roll drizzled with sauces and mayo; with options from Chicken, Seekh, Mutton and Egg to Paneer, Mushroom and Potato—Manna Rolls is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger.

One of the best food joints in Manipal for vegetarians when it comes to prices, which range from 40/- for a Potato roll and go up to 55/- for Paneer.

Pro Tip: Chilly Lovers can ask them to prepare the rolls spicier, and their garlicky, spicy chutney, which comes at no additional cost, is to die for!

  • Magic Grill-

Every student hears the name of Tiwari Chat within a week of entering Manipal (hence we didn’t mention the same in this list), but most do not recognise the hidden gem next to it, The Magic Grill. With a wide range of sandwiches to offer, burgers and egg items, The Magic Grill is one of the most popular food joints around the MIT Campus. With quick service, both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options, huge portions and prices starting from 40/-, there’s no reason to skimp on a lunch or evening snack when it comes to The Magic Grill. 

The Magic Grill also has burgers for people who cannot handle an entire sandwich on their own or wish to have a burger.

  • Mumbai Dosa Camp-

Situated right outside Gate 1, attached to Kamath Cafe, it is the go-to point for a quick lunch snack. This food joint offers the widest variety of Utthapams.

It is known for its Mumbai-style dosas, with traditional options such as Mysore Masala Dosa and Rava Onion Dosa, as well as zingy alternatives like Pizza Dosa, Noodles Dosa and Peri Peri Cheese Dosa. Dosas here are always served steaming hot, with two types of chutneys which are to die for! Students constantly encircle the stall like a frenzy of hungry sharks waiting to pounce upon their plates.

Dosa Camp serves dosas and Utthapams with add-ons like desi ghee, peri peri, schezwan, onion, etc. to satisfy all spice cravings, cheesy indulgences and garlicky temptations!

  • Vito’s Pizzeria-

Vito’s is very famous amongst students for its wood-fired oven pizzas, garlic bread and drinks, but what often goes unnoticed is the scrumptious breakfast menu which is served during the early hours of the day. Contrary to popular belief, Vito’s Pizzeria isn’t as expensive when it comes to breakfast, and the approximate cost comes to be around 200/- per person.

Blueberry Pancakes are one of the most underrated dishes available during breakfast hours. A total of four soft, fluffy clouds served with a luscious maple syrup topped with whipped cream and a blueberry reduction, these pancakes pair perfectly with their Traditional Hot Chocolate. The Hot Chocolate is every cocoa lover’s dream come true with the silkiest, smooth consistency and a taste which resembles the feeling one gets when wrapped in a blanket, sipping on the chocolaty goodness during a cold winter. 

The combination is a paradise for people with a sweet tooth, and the ambience of a fine dining restaurant enhances the overall experience, too. We recommend sharing a cup of hot chocolate with your close ones while you devour the pancakes one after the other.

Written by Dhruv Bhagat and Ayuttam Abhiram for MTTN

Edited by Aayush Niraj for MTTN

Featured Image by Swaroop Diddi for MTTN

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