An Ode to Friendship

Another moment of space-time passed,
Another eternity for the orb that stood last.
Strong storms cutting through the dark silence,
nd newborn rings draping the sky like a valance, 


Such is the existence of Neptune.


“O God of Sea! God of horses!” bellowed Triton,
“Honour me with your tale, make me enlightened”
Oh, Triton! I see your ramblings have begun,
Did you know the earthlings call you my son?!


“Now, why would they endow you with such fortune?”


This tale is older than earthlings’ time,
A saga where many suns, moons and stars entwine.
The rupture that started it all,
Birthed me into becoming a giant iceball.


And so along different closed paths, I and my family of 8 were Strewn.


A timeline passed and I drifted away from the giant star,
A timeline passed and you drifted from Kuiper into my radar.
Ice, violent storms and dense methane have been my eternal companions,
These rings along with you and other moons slowly joined my battalion.


“Ah! So we are bound together by eternity and gravity!” Triton crooned.


An eternity spent together and yet you move in retrograde,
The only moon of this system to perform this reverse parade!
“I am a gift to you from the universe, a token from the belt of Kuiper,
Regard me not as a moon but a companion, none of the other orbs could be luckier.”


Old Triton, this swooning over yourself will make you fall down in a swoon!


“On Earth, Salacia and Venilia accompany you,
In this dark vacuum, it’s only the moons, me and you.
I was taken away from Kuiper and landed beside you like a cannonball,
Coincidence? I think not, it’s rather a call.”


Well, your presence does distract me from gloom.


On the outer edge of the solar system,
A retrograde moon and an ice giant set out a custom.
Whispering secrets, stories and longings,
Confidantes and companions with a mutual feeling of belonging.


Such is the existence of Triton and Neptune.


Written by Lavya Joshi for MTTN
Featured Artwork by Anushka Agarwal for MTTN

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