Sarthak Paul: The Man You Should Know About

Perhaps, the most incredible thing about humans is that if you tell them sky is the limit, they will push past all boundaries to prove there is a whole universe beyond.

There are some people who work so hard to reach their goal, respect for them indubitably skyrockets. When they speak, you either come home motivated beyond measure to make a change, or severely disappointed with what you’re doing in life. Sarthak Paul is one such man.

Consider Elon Musk and Dilip Chhabria (for those living under a rock, Google them to have your mind blown). These new-age revolutionaries in the automotive field are the epitome of inspiration. While DC gave India its first sports car (DC Avanti), Sarthak envisions to launch India’s first hybrid supercar by next year. In more understandable terms, what Lamborghini is to Italy and Porsche is to Germany, MMM will be to India.

About M-Zero

The founder, and currently the CEO of Mean Metal Motors (recently renamed MMM), Sarthak began working with his team on their first car, the M-Zero whilst studying automobile engineering at MIT, Manipal. The car is an absolute technological wonder. It will be a fully electric 500bhp car that can go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. while augmented reality HUD, AI features will be a major part of the technical showcasing.

About Sarthak Paul and what makes him stand out

Sarthak believes that if he can take up an idea, research on it, and create something new, then so can anyone. He graduated in 2015, and if anyone truly exploited their college years to harvest their passion, it’s him. While in college, he was a part of Formula Manipal, and won numerous competitions both in India and internationally. Not a lot of people know that the featured event in TechTatva, Fuel RC, was his initiative. Though his interest in automobiles sparked way back in 8th grade at his uncle’s garage, it was in his first year of college that the fire completely ignited. He used his free time to learn and broaden his horizon in his realm of interest, and landed an internship at Volkswagen in his second year, an opportunity ordinarily granted to only very few final year students.

While most people his age were out partying and procrastinating, Sarthak decided to devote all his time to his start-up, working hours on end with his team members. Regardless of an 8AM class, they would work in the incubation center past 3AM, and that level of dedication requires a colossal heap of passion. It wasn’t all work and no play either; it was work first and DeeTee later.

“I had people telling me I was being foolish by working too much this early in life, and not enjoying my college years when I had the chance to. To that, I would always say that that was the whole point- I would never get these years back. So why not work first, and enjoy later?”

Give him 10 minutes, and he will convince you why you should ditch your GRE prep and utilize those eight months to turn your life around. He understands the vast scope of knowledge in the information obtainable from the internet, and if put to proper practical use, anyone can succeed in making a change. He took that time to exploit whatever resources he had at his disposal to learn more about electronics, electric cars, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.

“I would’ve had a paid job, had I pursued my masters instead of the path I chose. Only difference is, it’s always better to be making a dent in the world rather than buying a home and your first car.”

Sarthak values hard work and patience immensely. Three years of rigorous work without any outcome wouldn’t bother him much, for he knows it takes more than 5-8 years of dedication to achieve something worthwhile. Prioritizing, being around people who share your vision, having the will to make a change, and most importantly being driven and prepared to put in a tremendous lot of effort is what will help you achieve your dream. Learning from failure is equally important, and competition is inevitable; it all comes down to having something different to show.

Engineering has little value if not applied practically. Sarthak now plans to establish a Center for Excellence in Manipal for those few aspiring to go beyond their textbooks to implement ideas that can bring about a change. With this, he aims to bring in more knowledge and application based learning.

Innovation and inspiration are a function of passion and hard work. As Elon Musk puts it, “If other people are putting in 40 hour workweeks and you’re putting in 100 hour workweeks, then even if you’re doing the same thing, you know that you will achieve in four months what it takes them a year to achieve.”

Sarthak’s limits were never sky-bound; he pushed past them all to make MMM a reality. Perhaps, that’s what makes him stand out so incredibly.

Do give their website a look:

Tejal Khullar for MTTN

Photograph by: Mayank Agarwal

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