The Clubs of MIT: Technical

Engineering shouldn’t be limited to the classroom, and those with a passion to learn can do so best with the right support and company. In Manipal, the various technical clubs provide avenues for engineering students to go beyond classroom lectures and truly explore what engineering, their branch or a different one, means to them.

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List of Clubs:
  1. Association for Computing Machinery Manipal (ACM)
  2. Association for Computing Machinery, Women Manipal (ACM-W)
  3. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  4. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  5. Apple Developer’s Group (ADG)
  6. The Astronomy Club
  7. Biomedical Engineering Society of India Manipal Chapter (BMESI MC)
  8. Developer Student Club (DSC)
  9. Economics and Finance Society of Manipal (ESoM)
  10. IAESTE LC Manipal
  11. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)
  12. Institute of Engineers—Aerospace (IE Aerospace)
  13. Institute of Engineers—Biotechnology (IEBT)
  14. Institute of Engineers—(IE Civil)
  15. Institute of Engineers—IECSE
  16. Institute of Engineers—IE Electronics and Communication (IE E&C)
  17. Institute of Engineers—IE Electrical & Electronics (IE E&E)
  18. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  19. Institute of Engineers—Mechanical (IE Mechanical)
  20. Institute of Engineers—Mechatronics (IE Mechatronics)
  21. International Organization of Software Developers (IOSD)
  22. International Society of Automation (ISA)
  23. Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
  24. Lakshya—The Agri Club
  25. Linux Users Group (LUG)
  26. Manipal Information Security System (MIST)
  27. Manipal Universal Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI)
  28. MIT Gaming Club
  29. Regex
  30. Research Society MIT
  31. Society of Automotive Engineers—India I Manipal (SAE—M)
  32. Student Entrepreneurship Cell
  33. Teach Code for Good

Association for Computing Machinery Manipal (ACM)acm

ACM Manipal is the Manipal chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery which is the world’s largest scientific and educational computing society. The club creates a computer science culture and helps students in overcoming obstacles in the field of computer science. ACM ICPC (also referred to as the “Olympics of Programming Competitions”), and the A.M. Turing Awards are two of ACM’s most prominent events. Members have bagged numerous accolades, in competitions like Microsoft Code.Fun.Do, ICPC, Build The Shield, etc. ACM also co-organised a technical-weekend, with informative activities and workshops. 

They also have a subdivision, ACM-W, Association for Computer Machinery Manipal, Women. This subdivision only has women working for the club.

Association for Computing Machinery, Women— Manipal Chapter (ACM-W)

ACM-W supports, advocates and celebrates internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of computer science. The Manipal Chapter of ACM-W wishes to carry forward the vision of ACM-W in establishing a society that not only motivates young girls to become zealous programmers but also provides them with adequate resources and the right mentorship at every step in their path.

They are a research-centric group, striving at inclusion and achieving technical domain-depth through— research practices, deep learning ventures, competitive coding, mentorship sessions, collaborative events etc.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The Manipal chapter of the society is a student body focusing on the sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering. They hold multiple events mimicking real-life scenarios, like ‘Raise your BID’ which tests management and bidding skills of the participants. They also host seminars, workshops, expert lectures and competitions aimed at enhancing student skills!

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)asme

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a non-profit organisation. The Manipal chapter of the club works hard to share knowledge regarding career enrichment and skills development across all engineering disciplines. The last year saw ASME organise the Cybersecurity & Quadcopter Workshop, 3-D printing workshop and the popular Microsoft Summer Internship Program. The ASME team members were placed 13th in HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) competition at a national level.  They host many workshops and competitions throughout the academic year.

Apple Developer’s Group (ADG)

The group focuses on bringing together students interested in iOS development and programming. A community that learns from each other collaborates and works together to enhance life quality through code; they aim to better their knowledge and grow as a community. A relatively new club, they have started their journey by hosting debates, lectures and sharing articles to help out similar-minded peers! They plan on hosting webinars, hackathons, and much more in the coming academic year.

The Astronomy Club

This club offers the thrill of stargazing with a scientific outlook to all astronomy buffs. They hold numerous stargazing sessions in and around campus during the even semester and various talks along with a few workshops during the odd semester. From AB-5 to Agumbe, they organise star watching trips to enable students to observe deep-sky objects which are not otherwise visible from urban cities. Along with using the telescope from the Physics Department, they also have their self-built telescope. They conduct several talks, including those on recent developments in astronomy, astrophysics, asteroids and meteors, and myth busters.

Biomedical Engineering Society of India—Manipal Chapter (BMESI MC)1078780_785597114803445_29342973_o

Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI), Manipal Chapter is a student organisation which forms a dynamic platform for students to learn and discuss the interdependent domains of technology and medicine. They aim to bridge the gap between the two and tackle the challenges faced in the field of medicine by encouraging research and development in quality, terminology, methods and standards, including the promotion of safety practices. The club members are engaged in undertaking projects and organising various workshops, events, conferences and seminars around the year, along with publishing an official journal and a bi-monthly newsletter.

Developer Student Club (DSC)

Google Developer Group Manipal, focuses on creating a network of students interested in the latest developments and various technological advancements in the field. A place for developers to express their enthusiasm, questions or concerns, ideas and opinions, they frequently organise hackathons, seminars and meet-ups to enhance and develop their knowledge of mobile operating systems, the web toolkit and various API structures.

Economics and Finance Society of Manipal (ESoM)

The Economics and Finance Society of Manipal (ESoM) aims to equip engineers with financial and economic literacy. The club, at its core, believes that Engineering and Economics go hand in hand, and thus, it is prudent on a budding Engineer’s part to have these skill sets. They seek to achieve this by helping students gain an insight into the intricacies of financial and economic development. The club began with its event, ‘Stock Meets’ which is still conducted periodically through the semester and has recently established itself by executing the first-ever G20 event at Manipal University.

IAESTE LC Manipaliaeste

IAESTE India LC Manipal is an organisation formed in 2005. The flagship student exchange program for the university is entirely student-run. The primary goal of this organisation is to provide quality paid technical and research internships from all over the world to not only enhance technical knowledge but also to provide them with new experiences and new perspectives. One can be a part of the IAESTE family in two ways, either as a member and avail the various paid internships, or become a part of the organisation.

Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE)

Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers is a confluence of streams of professionals from academia, research institute and industry. It provides them with the appropriate forum for joint endeavours, hand-in-hand, to work for human beings through the application of chemical engineering and allied sciences. The IIChE student chapter Manipal holds a national symposium Chemignite every year which includes paper presentations, invited talks from experts of industry and academia and an informal segment.

Institute of Engineers—Aerospace (IE Aerospace)

Established in 2011, IE Aerospace aims to spread awareness among the general public on trending topics in aerospace and aviation. They conduct workshops and seminars to teach people tools, methodologies and principles of modern Aerospace Engineering. Their event ‘Water Rocket’ was featured in a national newspaper. They were also the winners of ‘Aerocarnival 2016’ which was organised in association with the National Design and Research Forum, Bangalore.

Institute of Engineers—Biotechnology (IEBT)ie biotech

From learning about the little discoveries made in the field of biotechnology to planning Manipal’s biotechnology symposium, the members of IE Biotech work with enthusiasm to improve their knowledge and understanding of the field. Being a member provides one with the opportunity to apply their knowledge to pursue higher studies and careers in biotechnological industries, consultancies, and research institutions. Symbiot, a national level technical symposium, is their flagship event. It comprises guest lectures and paper presentations based on a plethora of themes such as plant and animal biotechnology, genetic engineering, and proteomics.

Institute of Engineers—(IE Civil)

IE Civil is the technical club of the civil department of Manipal Institute of Technology. A conglomeration of Civil Engineering enthusiasts, this group strives to promote and progress civil engineering. To kindle the interest and build enthusiasm in their fellow members, they come up with workshops, field trips, events, paper presentations and newsletters every semester. They possess a legacy and hold years of experience which diversifies into delivering, deriving and creating the best space to inspire everyone to dream, design and develop.

Institute of Engineers—IECSE

The official club of the Department of CSE and Department of ICT, the club provides technical knowledge to everyone interested. It strives to keep its members updated with the latest happenings in the world of computer technology, providing them with everything from information about gadgets to the knowledge of various programming languages. The club is known for conducting weekly meetings (CodeMeets, WebMeets, DesignMeets and DevMeets), and an online scavenger hunt called HawkEye. Prometheus, the annual event of IECSE, is the second-largest technical fest in Manipal, after TechTatva, and brings all the geeky minds together during the even semester. IECSE has also taken initiatives to help underprivileged children in local schools around Manipal learn simple computer applications like MS Word and Paint. The club members have proved their mettle regularly in Microsoft Hackathons, Google Summer of Code, Microsoft’s Build The Shield and numerous campus events.

Institute of Engineers—IE Electronics and Communication (IE E&C)1009952_583023625120496_224433461_n

This club is the official club for Electronics and Communication and goes beyond theories into practical application. They aspire to enhance the technical understanding of every student who is interested in the field of electronics and communication. To do this, they conduct workshops, events and talks throughout the year. They also help students in pertinent academic problems. With a team of over 120 students, they host many events such as Microlite (which is co-organised by Robosapiens Pvt Ltd), Mock Placements, Winter Project and their annual tech fest, Cognition. The fest has events like Warbot, Paper Presentation and their Open Showcase event ‘Aavishkar’. They also conduct technical workshops on Arduino, Matlab, etc. all round the year.

Institute of Engineers—IE Electrical & Electronics (IE E&E)

IE-E&E is a fraternity of the Electrical and Electronics people of the college, aimed to develop more and more technical skills. The club organises numerous events such as technical paper contests, quizzes, technical competitions, guest lectures, technical industrial tours and holds an event by itself in TechTatva.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE Student Branch Manipal aims to combine learning at the undergraduate level with practical experience. It encourages students to explore the integrated field of computers and electronics. IEEE–SBM has the privilege of being a part of the world’s largest professional technical organisation aiming to advance technology. IEEE’s core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Being a part of this club allows one to discover the potential that the combined knowledge of electronics and coding has and enhances not only one’s technical but also their leadership and management skills.

Institute of Engineers—Mechanical (IE Mechanical)ie mech

IE Mechanical is a club that wishes to provide its members with technical skills to realise their unique ideas sustainably. They aim to provide an all-round techno-social experience to the students who join the club. With companies such as Bosch backing their flagship Techweekend event, the club offers extreme exposure to the mechanical field. Their events focus on enhancing the technical skills of students by giving them problem statements and asking them to make models and prototypes on introductory and essential concepts of mechanical engineering. They try to provide a realistic view of how to apply these concepts in real life.

Institute of Engineers—Mechatronics (IE Mechatronics)

Established in MIT to provide a hands-on experience of Mechatronics and Robotics to students, the Institute of Engineers delves into a wide variety of engineering branches. It integrates them in different ways to bring out highly innovative and creative engineering events, solutions and ideas. It is one of the few clubs in the college which includes multiple other branches under its domain, including Mechatronics, ECE, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, IT and Instrumentation and Control. They organise application-based events and workshops that test the skills of students and integrate technical events (such as Tech Talks) with exciting challenges and competitions.

International Organization of Software Developers (IOSD)

The International Organization of Software Developers is an international platform for developers to collaborate. A space to discuss new projects, discuss ideas and compete in a healthy environment. They offer mentorship, lectures, modules and assignments to help students learn and develop their skills. They also host coding challenges and Hackathons to help further enhance these skills. Promoting learning and pursuing Competitive Coding, Web Development, Game Development and many more exciting opportunities!

International Society of Automation (ISA)PSX_20160711_081825

With more than 40,000 members worldwide, the International Society of Automation is an organisation of engineers, technicians, consultants and corporate trainers specialising in the fields of instrumentation, control and automation engineering. The Manipal chapter holds events such as the Autotronics and PLC workshops, industrial visits to places like Mahindra & Mahindra and Bosch, seminars, and internships.

Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

The Indian Society For Technical Education or ISTE is a non-profit organisation that promotes learning in all fields of engineering. ISTE Manipal chapter is the only multi-domain technical club at MIT. They host workshops and events that encourage students to learn and compete in areas outside the scope of their branch. They also conduct Acumen, one of the largest categories in TechTatva. They conduct many events like Unlocakathon (online event), Clueless, Tech Quiz, Recode, Code Kreig and Mathtrix.

Lakshya—The Agri Club

Lakshya is a Socio-Technical Agricultural Club in Manipal that focuses on finding strategic approaches to agricultural technology and awareness among farmers. They host surveys, industrial visits and seminars to keep up with the latest trends. At the same time, they also host an annual ‘Krishi Mela’ to spread awareness to farmers about manufacturing processes of fertilisers, demonstration of techniques and technologies related to crops and seeds. 

Linux Users Group (LUG)lug

Linux Users’ Group, since its inception, has focused on contributing to and spreading the principles of FOSS (Free and open-source software). Consisting of programmers with knowledge of most major platforms including Android, iOS, Linux and Web Development, they conduct free workshops & sessions on the trending topics of Computer Science. The club is a group of enthusiastic people who work day and night to uphold their core belief, “the best things in life are free”.

Manipal Information Security System (MIST)

MIST is a team of Network and Information Security enthusiasts that aims to spread awareness and insight into the field of cyber security. Their goal is to ensure that interested students approach this vast and ever-growing field in the right way by providing them with a platform to enhance and practice their skills. Apart from spreading awareness, they also organise multiple events pertaining to various domains of cybersecurity. They believe that their growing zeal, combined with the right amount of resources, can enable students to be better equipped to face the dangers in cyberspace. 

Manipal Universal Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI)

Manipal Universal Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI) is an initiative of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, to provide services to students, faculty, alumni as well as people of the region to start their own Venture in line with the social objectives of the Government of India. MUTBI is operational since March 2010, with support from the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India.


MIT Gaming Clubgc-trans

The Gaming Club is a team of enthusiastic gamers who share a passion for making, developing and designing video games. They currently consist of game enthusiasts with a penchant for innovation, divided into five groups: Game Design, Game Programming, Level Design, Storyline and Creativity, and Research. They hold gaming events, workshops and much more delving into both the technical and non-technical spheres.


Regex aims at creating market-ready products in the fields of Ideation and Algorithms, App Development, Web Development and more. StudyDump is an initiative by Regex that focuses on mutual student exchange of study materials and resources. Their coding portfolio is also available on their website and GitHub page.

Research Society MIT

The Research Society is Manipal’s official student research body that works on an array of research projects, covering a broad span of fields, from artificial intelligence and robotics to nanotechnology and immunology.

Their aim is to facilitate the development of a research community that can work on projects, both interdisciplinary and otherwise. They also look to bridge the gap between their students and alumni from universities all across the globe, many of whom have an illustrious research background themselves. Along with this, they have several students who have published research and bagged foreign internships at premier institutes.

Society of Automotive Engineers—India I Manipal (SAE—M) saemanipal

SAE Manipal Collegiate Club is a student body affiliated to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International, to provide students with an opportunity to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in the field by giving them hands-on experience through events and activities. They host events like Unscrew, Junk Bots and even plan on expanding their reach to national level events that could bring students to more competitive platforms. The idea is to spread as much technical knowledge as possible, whether it is theoretical or practical.

Student Entrepreneurship Cell 

The club focuses on enhancing entrepreneurial skills in individuals by hosting many events like hackathons, talks, conferences and webinars. Their flagship event, however, is the Manipal Entrepreneurship Summit, which lasts two days and is open to students across MAHE.

Teach Code for Good

A social benefit oriented technical club, Teach Code for Good aims to teach and introduce coding to students of government schools in Karnataka. An introductory course in the languages of Python and HTML provide students with an opportunity to step into the coding universe. The club plans frequent visits to schools to turn their dream into reality.


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