The Clubs of MIT: Non-Technical

The many non-technical clubs and student organisations of Manipal, provide students with an opportunity to step outside their academic lives and explore their passions. Not only cultivating skills but also providing spaces for interaction for students across courses cultivating similar interests and talents. Here’s a brief guide to finding your passions!

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List of Clubs:
  1. 180 DC Consultancy Manipal Academy
  3. Aaina Dramatics
  4. Ada Dramatics
  5. The Adventurer
  6. Artpod
  7. Blank 101
  8. Behind the Scenes Films
  9. Blitzkrieg Crew
  10. Burning Ice
  11. Chords & Co.
  12. The Consulting Club at Manipal
  13. Ecological Conservation and Habit Restoration Organization (E.C.H.O Manipal)
  14. The Editorial Board
  15. Ek Sangharsh
  16. Evolve
  17. Glam & Glitz
  18. Goonj
  19. Her Campus at Manipal
  20. Human Powered Endeavours
  21. Literary, Debate and Quiz Club (LDQ)
  22. Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT)
  23. Manga and Anime Club (MAC)
  24. MIT Live
  25. The MIT Post
  26. The Manipal Journal (TMJ)
  27. Manipal Digest
  28. Mudra (Imprint)
  29. Music and Fine Arts Club (M.A.F.I.A)
  30. Naqaab Filmmaking
  31. National Cadet Corps (NCC)
  32. Nudi
  33. The Photography Club Manipal
  34. The Psych Club
  35. Red-X Manipal
  36. Rotaract Club of Manipal
  37. SCIO Foundation
  38. The Showstoppers
  39. The Think Tank
  40. Volunteer Services Organisation of MAHE (VSO—MAHE)
  41. Yes+!

180 DC Consultancy Manipal Academy

180 DC Consultancy is a new addition to the many opportunities offered on campus. A student-based business consultancy firm focusing on helping non-profit social organisations through consulting. The experience also allows them to learn and grow as individuals training them for life outside the campus. The club will enable students to experience working with real clients, build a healthy analytical and problem-solving attitude and build their resume. 


AIESEC Manipal is a student-run, non-profit organisation based in Manipal University which aims to deliver quality volunteering and internship opportunities abroad. It functions as a separate wing under the United Nations. Spread over 127 countries, they offer both technical and non-technical internships and offer travelling experiences through their Global Citizen and Global Talent programs, to fulfil their goal to provide practical global experiences. Apart from the local and national conferences for their members, they also hold various events throughout the year, including the Global Village, Wanderlust and Luminaire. Being the largest globally recognised student-run organisation, AIESEC provides an international platform for students to develop their leadership potential and make a positive impact on society.

Aaina Dramatics

Aaina is the oldest active dramatics society in Manipal, running for over a decade. From Centre Stage acting to the production of short films and mimes, they offer opportunities in a wide range of theatricals. They recruit members in all aspects of theatre, including script-writing, backstage handling, designing and managing. They do one full-length production every odd semester and two every even semester. Along with this, they also put up street plays and have mini-events such as Crossroads and The Double Bill. They also take part in numerous competitions throughout the year and have won several, such as those held at Revels, Mood Indigo and Unmaad. Aaina Dramatics is also known for having one of the most entertaining club recruitments in MIT.

Ada Dramatics

Ada, a socio-cultural dramatics club, comprises true blue artists ranging from actors to scriptwriters to set designers to technicians and publicists. Predominantly known for their vibrant and fiery street-plays, they also offer a various scope of theatricals like centre-stage, short movies, mimes and a ‘main production’ every semester. Ada has represented MIT in various inter-collegiate fests like Mood Indigo at IIT-B, Inbloom at Christ University, Unmaad, Riveria, Utsav and Revels. What makes this club truly unique is its flexibility; an actor interested in writing or a writer interested in directing the play can switch roles easily. 

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is an outdoor adventure education program that focuses on exploration, environmental stewardship and leadership. They conduct workshops in various fields while pushing members to achieve new heights and goals. They organise trips and much more to accomplish these goals!


A club focused on fine arts, Artpod embraces all sides of art. They conduct art exhibitions, interactive events and art interpretation seminars through the year. Their main events include Art Exhibitions, Art Cafe and an Art Interpretation Seminar in collaboration with Blank 101. 

Blank 101

Blank 101 is a club that focuses on debating and public speaking. They hold talks on various topics and give students an introductory look into fields as wide-ranging as the stock market, the mafia, astronomy, cryptography and psychology. With their motto of ‘Stay Curious,’ they bring to life subjects that the average student has heard of but never fully explored and make them fascinating.

Behind the Scenes Films

Behind the Scenes Films is a group of aspiring filmmakers that study review and understand the processes involved in the shooting of movies. They work on honing their skills through practice, and collaborate with other clubs to bring a dramatic flair to their activities! Documenting all things film-related in and around Manipal, this club tries to capture the true essence and beauty of filmmaking.

Blitzkrieg Crew

Blitzkrieg Dance Crew-India is a Manipal based dance crew which is among the top 50 mega crews in the world and is one of the best mega crews in India. This team has enhanced its proficiency in different styles of Hip Hop over the years. Their most prestigious laurel was representing India in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2016 held at Las Vegas. At Blitzkrieg, members are fueled by their passion for dance, reflecting the same in all performances. Over time, Blitzkrieg grew from being a club to a family—a family that celebrates doing what they love, a family that celebrates dance. 

Burning Ice

If fashion and excellence came into adequation, Burning Ice would be the result. MIT’s official fashion club. It brings together a multitude of talents incorporating modelling, designing, music, makeup artists; showcasing their works in various shows all over the state. From winning shows to hearts, Burning Ice has left no stone unturned. The crew believes in showcasing fashion with exclusivity yet maintaining prudence in every show that they put up. Their accomplishments include winning Mood Indigo (two consecutive years), NIT-K, NITTE and Revels. 

Chords & Co.

Chords & Co. forms the largest Music Community of Manipal. With over 200 odd members, they have a myriad of talents, ranging from amateurs to musical prodigies. Even an aspiring musician can learn any kind of skill, through the workshops they conduct through the semesters, while seasoned musicians can practise their skills with an exclusive Jam Room access. Although they’re a music club, they have several committees like Graphic Designing, Social Media & Content, Human Resources and, Public Relations and Sponsorship. They’re known for having conducted events like the Prom, Playlit, Sixth Riff, DJ nights on campus and even trips to orphanages and nursing homes!

The Consulting Club at Manipal

A new club, the Consulting Club at Manipal is student-run and aims to facilitate the transition from an engineering background to a management background. They aim to do so by solving examples of case studies and small projects. They also focus on alumni interaction and networking as an opportunity to grow. They’ve been hosting webinars and discussions through the lockdown while also introducing their case study based event, ‘Case on Point’.

Ecological Conservation and Habit Restoration Organization (E.C.H.O Manipal)

The mission of the organisation is to improve and enhance the micro-climate, ecology and environment of Manipal through the promotion of plantation activities, public awareness and extension. The document world changes in the context of environmental guidelines, debates and new; while also hosting plantation and cleanliness drives. They often work in collaboration with other MAHE clubs to achieve their goals.

The Editorial Board

MIT’s oldest student body charged with the responsibility of assembling the Yearbook, the Editorial Board is all about putting together a memoir minted for millennia. It comprises an array of departments, namely writing (Hindi and English), art, design, database, photography, administration and logistics. One of the most hardworking and efficient organisations, the Editorial Board, is a creative sanctuary that fosters its members always to find an opportunity for amelioration in times of adversity.

Ek Sangharsh

A club based on giving back to society, Ek Sangharsh plays its role in the betterment of society. They organise trips to schools to help teach students, welfare trips to orphanages and even clean-up drives. Their main event is an art competition that they hold at schools to engage students.


A sports and lifestyle-oriented club, Evolve aims to set up a platform to individuals who commit to physical and mental fitness. As a new club, they aim to provide extensive knowledge on various aspects both theoretically and in practice. Their main event Evofit checks the endurance and strength of its participants.

Glam & Glitz

Glam & Glitz is the ideal club for aspiring models, fashion and makeup enthusiasts. At Glam & Glitz, the club provides students with an opportunity to travel to other cities, compete nationally and win several titles. Having won several contests over the years on various platforms, Glam & Glitz has certainly proved it’s enthusiasm and dedication to the fashion world. A few of their achievements include winning Revels two years in a row in 2015 and 2016, bagging the second place at Brandscan and securing second place overall and first place for design at Vogue-Mood Indigo held in Mumbai last year. 


The official Hindi literary society of Manipal is the first and the only club of its kind. They work towards keeping the love for the language, its poetry and literature, alive. The club organises an event on the unity day of India, also hosting ‘Anubhuti’ in Revels. Their other events target Hindi enthusiasts in the form of debates, quizzes, meets, festival celebrations and much more!

Her Campus at Manipal

The Manipal chapter of the first-ever online magazine dedicated to college women found its roots in Manipal very recently. Established in 2019, it was quick to gain volunteers, recognition and is already a silver chapter across all the different universities that are a part of the initiative. It focuses on celebrating and embracing womanhood openly with pride; while also encouraging people to speak up and talk about pressing social issues. It provides women with an opportunity to find an equal platform to explore their love for journalism, while also allowing men to participate and support the ideology.

Human Powered Endeavours

It is a sports and wellness club, promoting a healthy lifestyle by emphasising and encouraging people to understand the importance of spending time outdoors. Their primary focus being biking and camping, they organise trips to various scenic landmarks in and around Manipal. They also teaching people the basics of outdoor lifestyle; repairing ones’ bicycle, dealing with injuries that one can succumb to in the wild, what a cyclist’s diet should be and more in the form of workshops.

Literary, Debate and Quiz Club (LDQ)

LDQ is a group of literary elitists, bibliophiles and self-proclaimed geniuses who are driven by a unified cause to spread their interest and love for the language with more people. They have set out to help people develop essential communication skills, hone their writing skills, improve their body language and mould their way of thinking. They conduct a Quizzathon and Intersection Debating Tournament apart from their flagship event, Bazinga which is an inter-Manipal University literary fest. They are known for fun events like JAM and even host a Harry Potter quiz every year.

Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT)

Leaders of Tomorrow started as a club for hosting Model United Nations. They send delegations to collegiate level MUNs across the country, and in the even semester host up to 300 students for their flagship event, Summit Manipal—one of the oldest MUNs in the country. They even hold MUN training sessions through the course of each semester. Apart from MUNs, they also conduct a Youth Parliament in the odd semester, a simulation of the parliament where you don’t throw chairs!

Manga and Anime Club (MAC)

A fan of Anime and Manga? This newly formed group of anime and manga lovers works towards bringing together enthusiasts who want to expand this fandom in Manipal. They hold events like movie screenings, art and writing workshops, competitions, and even cosplay events such as the Maid Cafe. The club also hosts the Shonen fest, which includes activities such as the Pokémon Showdown, art galleries and anime sharing! The MAC, which has long been a forum for discussion, is growing fast and recently released the first issue of its magazine, ‘The Animeverse’.

MIT Live

MIT Live is a media body of MIT that covers all major events in and around the campus. It is composed of videographers, photographers and writers. The writers are responsible for preparing questionnaires for interviews and mostly work with the photographers and videographers. They recognise themselves as a video-based media body who capture everything happening on campus.

The MIT Post

It is the official media body and public relations and communication office of Manipal Institute of Technology. The Post works to keep students informed about the activities and events happening across the campus. Apart from articles and reports on their website, they also publish a magazine twice a semester. They welcome photographers, graphic designers and writers!

The Manipal Journal (TMJ)

Founded in 2010, The Manipal Journal was the first independent news organisation to be formed in Manipal. They focus on topics of current affairs, politics and the activities of the college, keeping everyone well informed of the same! They also hosted a half-day workshop on the Right to Information Act, in association with Whitewhistle, Mangalore during this quarantine.

Manipal Digest

Manipal Digest is a multiauthor blog and media house managed and maintained by students of Manipal Academy of Higher Education. It carries the latest stories and happenings from the institutes of MAHE, Manipal Town and its surroundings.

It aims to provide the latest news and trends from this University town in Karnataka, India.

Mudra (Imprint)

Mudra promotes education and learning in government schools through Vedic Math, computer applications, Spoken English, life skills and extra-curricular activities while also developing practical skills in students. Their flagship event, Kwashion Ki Roshini Science Fair, combines a donation drive with fun hands-on learning experiences for the students. 

Music and Fine Arts Club (M.A.F.I.A)


Music And Fine Arts club is one of the most significant cultural clubs under Manipal University. The club provides a platform for students to explore their talents in the fields of Music, Dance and Fine Arts. The club organises several dance-music workshops and handles major events of Revels like Battle of the Bands, Group Dances and Fashion Shows. With an increased scale at which they organise events, they have been aiming at better participation and logistics for each event, and have even set up a fully equipped Jam Room with everything a band might need for practice. MAFIA believes in creating a community based on holistic growth and strives to achieve precisely that.

Naqaab Filmmaking

Naqaab Filmmaking is a cultural club dedicated entirely towards movie-making. They cultivate these interests by tracing movies back into their production, shooting, etc. hoping to learn and apply the same to their work. Regularly publishing movie reviews and keeping themselves updated with the happenings of the cinematic universe, they create short films and plays to enhance these skills. They also collaborate with many other clubs in Manipal to provide them with opportunities to experiment and explore.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The youth wing of the armed forces has many volunteers from our very own Manipal. You can see them practising through weekends and early mornings right opposite their Manipal office, opposite the 13th block girls hostel. With a newly established obstacle course and gun range near the 10th block hostel, they are the pride of Manipalbe it hosting cleanliness drives or leading Independence day parade. 


The Kannada Literary, cultural and teaching club of Manipal, Nudi aims to reduce language barriers by teaching people the state language, Kannada. They also focus on preserving culture, traditions and festivals while acquainting others with the same. They hold inter-collegiate literal and cultural competitions throughout the year. Their main event is the celebration of the grand ‘Kannada Rajyotsava’.

The Photography Club Manipal

The official photography club of MIT provides a platform for photographers and videographers to pursue their passion. The club invites aspiring photographers to learn the skill of photography. They cover events happening within the campus and organise various photo-walks around Manipal. They also organise competitions along with ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’, the annual photography fest of the college. They have taken part and won laurels in numerous photography competitions, including those at the cultural fest of IIM Bangalore, contests by VSO Manipal and MNIT Jaipur, as well as several online contests.

The Psych Club

psych club

Psychology engulfs the understanding of the complexities of the human mind. The Psych Club is a group of students enthused with curiosity and driven by a thirst for knowledge of interpreting and analysing the ever-changing behaviour of their counterparts and surroundings. Apart from the brilliant theoretical understanding, they conduct hands-on experiments, events, and activities that verify what they study. The Psych Club imparts, proves, and confirms knowledge, allowing you to look at life from a whole new light, and are always looking for a new perspective.

Red-X Manipalredx

It is the official socio-adventure club of Manipal and consists of two departmentsAdventure X and Disha. The former is an abode for adventure enthusiasts, with overnight trips and activities such as trekking, rafting, rappelling and the like. The latter is their social wing, which helps underprivileged children through workshops, fundraisers and teaching and infrastructure work in schools and orphanages. Red-X is also responsible for the Sunburn events that happen in Manipal.

Rotaract Club of Manipal

Rotaract Club, under the Rotary International, is made up of service-minded business and professional leaders. The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance their knowledge and skills. Skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. The Manipal chapter of the club endeavours to accomplish these goals. They organise some of the largest events in Manipal.

SCIO Foundation

SCIO Benevolent Foundation is an all India NGO registered under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs. It has three major divisions: Vidya, Vaidya and Veda. The Vaidya division revolves around setting up medical camps for the under-privileged at remote locations. The Vidya division focuses on counselling students in secondary and high school (classes 8th-12th). Through this, they serve as a portal for information about various careers. Veda is a four-day fest where the organisation invites school students and their parents to the institute campus and allows them to witness talks by professionals from various fields about different careers to guide them.

The Showstoppers

The Showstoppers are a twelve-year-old club, dedicated to showcasing their passion for dance. They combine, ‘the zest of Bhangra, the intensity of Hip-Hop, the grace of Classical and the beauty of Contemporary’ to achieve their true essence, fusion. They also happen to be the highest-ranked Indian Megacrew at the World Hip-Hop Championship 2017. If you pay attention, you can hear them practising into the late hours of the evening in AB5!

The Think Tankthink tank

The Think Tank aims to encourage innovation, motivation and creation through the organisation of technical as well as non-technical talks, interactive sessions and workshops. They also successfully obtained the license to bring TEDx to Manipal. They also organise and host the event, ‘A Fire Side Chat’. They hold recruitments in the fields of graphics and media, marketing and publicity, public relations and content, and overall management. 

Volunteer Services Organisation of MAHE (VSO—MAHE)

Volunteer Services Organization (VSO), provides an opportunity to everyone in Manipal to live their lives with purpose by helping those in need. It is a platform that not only helps the needy, but also provides each volunteer with an opportunity to gain new skills, work in a team and, most importantly, to become a better person. They arrange frequent visits to orphanages and schools for special children. This organisation also organises Blood Donation Camps and the Clean Manipal Campaign.


A cultural and social club based on enhancing self-awareness, confidence, focus and interpersonal skills, Yes+! aims to equip students with stress coping techniques and spread awareness about a healthy lifestyle. They focus on using yoga techniques, mind-management skills and self-help techniques. They host workshops, guest talks, musical evenings, weekly follow-ups etc. Their flagship event, however, is the Youth Empowerment and Skills workshop.


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