The Clubs of MIT: Non-Technical

Engineering isn’t even half of all that happens in an engineering college. If you want to forget the technical world and explore your other passions, be they art, drama, music, dance or something more exotic, MIT has you covered. There are numerous non-technical clubs in the college that will help you keep your soul happy. Here is a brief guide to all of them.



Aaina is the oldest active dramatics society in Manipal, running for over a decade. From Centre Stage acting to production of short films and mimes, they offer opportunities in a wide range of theatricals. They employ members in all aspects of theatre, including script-writing, backstage handling, designing and managing. They do one full-length production every odd semester and two every even semester. Along with this, they also put up street plays and have mini events such as Crossroads and The Double Bill. They take part in numerous competitions throughout the year and have won several, such as those held at Revels, Mood Indigo and Unmaad. They are also known for having one of the most entertaining club recruitments in MIT.


ADA, a socio-cultural dramatics club, comprises of true blue artists ranging from actors, script writers to set designers, technicians and publicists, none of which are restricted to one domain. Predominantly known for their vibrant and fiery street-plays, they also offer an assorted scope of theatricals like center stage, short movies, MIME and much more. ADA has represented MIT in various inter=collegiate fests like Unmaad, Riveria, Utsav and Revels. What makes this club truly unique is its flexibility; an actor interested in writing or a writer interested in directing the play can switch roles easily. Holding among the largest recruitment in MIT, they call themselves a family, rather than a club.


Naqaab Filmmaking is a cultural club dedicated completely towards movie making.

The motive of the club is to induct interests in the back end of movies. They plan to bring a film festival to Manipal. One of their works is the orientation video which will be showcased this August during the time of orientation.


Leader of Tomorrow started out as a club for hosting Model United Nations. They send delegations to collegiate level MUNs across the country, and in the even semester host up to 300 students for their flagship event, Summit Manipal— one of the oldest MUNs in the country. Since their inception, they have broadened the spectrum of their debates to include first timers, as well as experienced debaters. They even hold MUN training sessions through the course of each semester. Apart from MUNS, they also conduct a Youth Parliament in the odd semester, a simulation of the parliament where you don’t throw chairs. Recently, they have also started a series of events called the Lecture Series that aim to inform people about a variety of things, from how to excel in Group Discussions, to how to go about applying for an MBA. You’ll probably notice them in the first week after the interaction ban, during Cambiar, the event that introduces you to all the clubs MIT has to offer. They are always looking to try new things and new formats, all in an attempt to cultivate a culture of productive public speaking in college. Even as they grow as a club and their events increase, they continue to stick to their roots, because they are, most importantly, a (large) family of people who love debating, politics, and of course, suiting up.


One of the oldest clubs in Manipal, the Official Literary, Debating, and Quizzing club of MIT is a group of literary elitists, a bunch of bibliophiles and self-proclaimed geniuses who are driven by a unified cause to make literature, debating and quizzing an integral part of our everyday lives. If you like playing the devil’s advocate or fancy yourself a writer or if general knowledge is your forte, LDQ is the club for you. From your garden variety grammar Nazis to the free styling poets, seasoned debaters to satirical pun masters and soulful writers to know-it-all quizzers, LDQ is home to a diverse pool of talent. They are on a mission towards world domination and they have set out to help you as an individual develop important communication skills, hone your writing skills, improve on body language and mould your way of thinking. They conduct Quizzathon for the quizzers and Inter-Section Debating Tournament for the debaters apart from their flagship event, Bazinga which is an inter-MU literary fest. They are known for fun events like JAM and even host a Harry Potter quiz every year.


AIESEC Manipal is a student-run, non-profit organization based in Manipal University which aims to deliver quality volunteering and internship opportunities abroad. Spread over 127 countries, they offer both technical and non-technical internships and travelling experiences through their Global Citizen and Global Talent programs, to fulfil their goal to provide practical global experiences. Apart from the local and national conferences for their members, they also hold various events throughout the year, including the Global Village, Wanderlust and Luminaire. Being the largest globally recognized student-run organization, AIESEC provides an international platform for students to develop their leadership potential and make a positive impact on society.


Blitzkreig Dance Crew-India is a Manipal based dance crew which is among the top 50 megacrews in the world and is one of the best megacrews in India. Founded in 2007 by a bunch of extremely talented students from Manipal University, this crew has enhanced its proficiency over different styles of Hip Hop over the years. Exploring newer horizons with determination and a clear vision to do something path-breaking, Blitzkrieg has never failed to entertain the crowd with back to back power packed performances.

Kreigers have been making waves of impact since their inception. Their most prestigious laurel was representing India in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2016 held at Las Vegas. Ever since, The Kreigers haven’t looked back and have kept more wins coming their way. Blitzkreig has also been consistently winning the western group dance competition at MIT’s home ground cultural fest, Revels for the last four years. One of the most influential people in uplifting Blitzkreig from just another college club to reaching milestones which seemed rather impossible is John Daniel, their current choreographer and also a fellow crew member who pushed them beyond their limits and unlocked their true potential. At Blitzkrieg, dancing isn’t just a hobby; each member burns with a passion for dance which is what fuels them through their tedious practice sessions, which in turn reaps them their several titles. Over time, Blitzkrieg grew from being a club to a family— a family that celebrates doing what they love, a family that celebrates dance. Gradually, each new member grows to become a part of this home away from home and needless to say, home is where the heart belongs.


This dance crew is one which strongly believes in "building dancers", owing to their idea of recruiting even the non-dancers and training them from the scratch to make them what you see at the cultural festivals at the college.

The crew had been established in the year 2012 and has not only been performing at Revels, MIT every year since, but also making sure to make any event at MIT a success by giving a hand whenever they are asked to. They also participate actively in Anandotsav (by NITTE) and Utsav (by Manipal University). They conduct dance workshops every year in the month of November to train any dancer/non-dancer in the campus who has a passion for dance. Also, they remain in collaboration with ADA Dramatics to perform

musical plays and with MAFiA to make every event at MIT an entertaining and successful one. When asked to define a dancer, they say  “When there is music around, Movements, he’s ought to do; His heart is portrayed unbound, Dance is what he gets lost into.”


Mixing the zest of bhangra, the grace of classical, the intensity of hip hop, and the charm of contemporary, the Showstoppers are a fusion dance group moulded by these elements. Formed in 2006, they embrace passion and creativity, and consist of people from all over the nation united by their love and dedication for dancing. They have taken part and won laurels in various competitions such as IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozikode, NIT Surathkal, Revels, and more. The Showstoppers represented India in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in August 2017 and were the highest ranking Indian mega crew for the year 2017. They have been semi-finalists for Experience- The Stage for two consecutive years now, and have qualified for HHI for four consecutive years (finalists in three of those). Not only were they winners of Brandscan’17, they are also the first crew from Manipal to qualify for WOD (World Of Dance) Nationals, and Hip Hop International- India.

The Showstoppers offer a unique perspective on different forms on dance and how to merge them as one, and also provide students with ample opportunities to showcase their talent throughout the country. They not only strive to improve as a crew, but also as individuals which helps them through their future endeavors.


MITCL is the first semi-professional Cricket League of Manipal based on format of IPL. Their prime aim is to promote sports and get the next Anil Kumble and Ravi Ashwin for the country, who despite being brilliant cricketers are engineers too. MITCL saw its first season last year, which was a great success considering the interest shown by people for the game. Two of their members are now also playing for the Mangalore Premier League, and they hope to see that count rise. MITCL is a great platform for young players to showcase their talent. With limited strength in college teams, it provides them an opportunity to express themselves, and also encourages students to stay fit.


Rotaract Club, under the Rotary International, is made up of service-minded business and professional leaders. The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. The Manipal chapter of the club endeavours to accomplish these goals. They organise some of the biggest events in Manipal.


redxIt is the official socio-adventure club of Manipal, and consists of two departments- Adventure X and Disha. The former is an abode for adventure junkies, with overnight trips and activities such as trekking, rafting, rappelling, and the like. The latter is their social wing, which helps underprivileged children through workshops, fund raisers and teaching and infrastructure work in schools and orphanages. In 2016, RedX brought Sunburn campus to Manipal.



Dramanon (Dramatist Anonymous) is a private Manipal-wide ‘drama company’, ans was ranked eighth among Indian Theater Groups by Broadway. Established by R.K. Shenoy, Dramanon is a professional company that works independently from the university under their guidance and support, unlike other clubs. They perform only English stage theater, and students from all colleges can be a part of it. The club does three productions annually and many short comedy plays.

From a fullhouse in the play “12 Angry Jurors” by Reginald Rose, to some exemplary collections of plays from Hyderabad and Manipal in Comikaze, they do plays which are hard hitting and even socially valid. It’s not a showbiz to be popular— it’s about theater and the art, freedom and independence, and a close knit team of people who work hard.
Their recruitment will happen before other college activities begin, since they are not under the university, giving its members a chance and time to grow. They work as a close knit family that they like to call a ‘DramFam’, and everyone is welcome. They help you build a niche, regardless of whether you work for acting or management; there is space for every creative Individual. There is work and there is fun, in every department of the club, be it acting or sets, lights, marketing etc. Dramanon has chapters in Banglore & Hyderabad as well.


This club offers the thrill of star gazing with a scientific outlook to all astronomy buffs. They hold numerous star gazing sessions in and around campus during the even semester, and various talks along with a few workshops during the odd semester. From AB-5 to Agumbe, they organize star watching trips to enable students to observe deep sky objects which are not otherwise visible from urban cities. Along with using the telescope from the Physics Department, they also have their own self-built telescope. They conduct several talks including those on recent developments in astronomy, astrophysics, asteroids and meteors, and myth busters.

psych club

Psychology engulfs the understanding of the complexities of the human mind. The Psych Club is a group of students enthused with curiosity, and driven by a thirst for knowledge of interpreting and analyzing the ever-changing behavior of their counterparts and surroundings. Apart from the brilliant theoretical knowledge, they conduct hands on experiments, events, and activities that verify what they study. Ever wonder about ‘mind readers?’ They could teach you to become one. Ever heard of a ‘Lie Detector?’ They could demonstrate that. How about honing your memory? They could help you with that too. The Psych Club imparts, proves, and verifies knowledge, allowing you to look at life from a whole new perspective, and they would love to welcome yours.


Founded in 2015, Chords & Co. forms the largest Music Community of Manipal. With over 200 odd members, they have a myriad of talents, ranging from amateurs to musical prodigies. Even an aspiring musician can learn any kind of skill, through the workshops they conduct through the semesters while seasoned musicians can practice their skills with an exclusive Jam Room access. Although they’re a music club, they have several committees like Graphic Designing- for the artsy ones, Social Media & Content- for the budding writers and creative minds, Human Resources- the ones managing the club affairs and finally, Public Relations and Sponsorship- for the speakers with a knack for financial matters. They’re known for having conducted events like the Prom, Playlit, Sixth Riff, DJ nights on campus and even trips to orphanages and old age homes! Chords & Co. also represents MIT in inter-college fests like Unmaad (IIMB), Waves (BITS Goa), Revels and Utsav (home ground). All in all, you’ll definitely find a place for yourself in this not-so-little family, even if you’re not musically inclined.


Music And Fine Arts (MAFIA) club is one of the biggest cultural clubs under Manipal University. The club provides a platform for students to exploit their talents in the fields of Music, Dance and Fine Arts and aims at organizing, cultivating and promoting these fields by organizing events, competitions and workshops. The club organizes several music-dance workshops and handles major events of Revels like Battle of the Bands, Group Dances and Fashion Shows. They’ve successfully been able to give artists a stage and fulfill the very reason why a club such as this was needed. They have also integrated graphic design and art, since it has lately been on the rise. With an increased the scale at which they organize events, they have been aiming at better participation and logistics for each event, and have even set up a Jam Room which is fully equipped with everything a band might need for practice.

Education is not complete without balancing it with co-curricular activities and a student can’t develop a holistic personality without getting an opportunity to try new things; MAFIA believes in exactly that. Manipal Institute of Technology has always had budding artists amidst its students and before a club was formed to provide them with a stage to showcase their talent, many of them never got an opportunity to come forward and portray their passion to the rest of the college.



The Economics and Finance Society of Manipal (ESoM) is aimed at equipping engineers with financial and economic literacy. The club, at its core, believes that Engineering and Economics go hand in hand, and thus, it is prudent on a budding Engineer’s part to have these skillsets. They seek to achieve this by helping students gain an insight into the intricacies of financial and economic development. The club began with its event, ‘Stock Meets’ which is still conducted periodically through the semester and has recently established itself by conducting the first ever G20 event at Manipal University.


think tankA freshly emerged university-based club, their aim is to encourage innovation, motivation and creation through the organization of technical as well as non-technical talks, interactive sessions and workshops. They also successfully obtained the license to bring TEDx to Manipal. Their first major event, Manipal-o-Pedia, featured five speakers from diverse fields inspiring their audience to delve in the spirit of adventure.





MIT’s oldest student body charged with the responsibility of assembling the Yearbook, the Editorial Board is all about putting together a memoir minted for millennia. It comprises an array of departments, namely Writing (Hindi and English), art, design, database, photography, administration and logistics. The Editorial Board recently surpassed itself with the launch of the 60th Yearbook, featuring a culmination of six decades of the institution’s illustrious history.
One of the most hardworking and efficient clubs, the Editorial Board is a creative sanctuary that fosters its members to always aspire for more, and find opportunity for amelioration in times of adversity.


The best, most awesome media body, and organisation in Manipal. They run this website and have written this article. They are also not biased. Not at all. For an objective description of what we do, read this article.


It is the official media body and public relations and communication office of Manipal Institute of Technology. The Post works to keep students informed about the activities and events happening across the campus. Apart from articles and reports on their website, they also publish a magazine twice a semester. Interested in journalism? Are you a writer wishing to cover events and write about them? This could be the place you are looking for.


A fan of Anime and Manga? This newly formed group of anime and manga lovers works towards bringing together enthusiasts who want to expand this fandom in Manipal. They hold events like the Shonen fest and have also planned the production of their very own manga. The MAC is growing fast, and its members are coming up with creative ways to achieve their aim, such as the development of their website which will simplify the task of MITians wishing to watch anime without them having to download it.

MOVIE GOERS CLUBmovie goeers

Planning to spend the weekend in the campus? Movie goers is a club dedicated to that. Almost every Saturday evening, they come up with some amazing movie for you to watch for free.  Some of the movies they have screened include ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, ’12 Angry Men’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Apollo 13’. They even showed five back-to-back episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. during one of their movie evenings.


At Ad-MIT, you get to learn about advertising and marketing as business subjects. At present, they don’t make ads or do on-field marketing, though they pan to do so in the future. They also promote the study of these subjects and organize talks about them. Apart from these, they have a lot of internal activities as well, such as adMeets where the members gather to watch and discuss ads. Being a relatively new club, they haven’t participated in a lot of competitions yet, but are constantly looking out for people who are passionate about advertising and marketing and want to be part of discussions and activities that will help them increase their knowledge of these subjects.


It is an official videography and media body of MIT that covers all major events. It is composed of videographers, photographers and writers. The writers are responsible for preparing questionnaires for interviews and mostly work with the photographers and videographers. The club recently released an interview with the director under the name “Director Diaries” which brought answers to questions asked by students, right from the director of MIT.


If you consider yourself married to your camera, this is the place for you. The official photography club of MIT, they provide a platform for photographers and videographers to pursue their passion. The club invites all the aspiring photographers to learn the skill of photography. They cover events happening within campus, and organize various photo-walks around Manipal and competitions along with ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’, the annual photography fest of the college. They have taken part and won laurels in numerous photography competitions, including those at the cultural fest of IIM Bangalore, contests by VSO Manipal and MNIT Jaipur, as well as several online contests.


talk it out

Talk it Out is one of the few walk-in clubs of Manipal, and is an open forum to discuss common social issues on which each individual can share his or her views. They organize open talks (about 3-4 discussions per semester), usually with a guest speaker providing a better insight on the topic being discussed. Talk it out provides a platform for students to give thought to socially relevant matters, augment their awareness towards the same, and in the process learn be more outspoken about their opinions.


Glam & Glitz is the ideal club for aspiring models and fashion and makeup enthusiasts. At G&G, the students of Manipal University are provided with an opportunity to travel to other cities, compete nationally and win several titles. Having won several contests over the years on various platforms, Glam & Glitz has certainly proved it’s fervor and dedication to the fashion world.

A few of their achievements include winning Revels two years in a row in 2015 and 2016, bagging the second place at Brandscan and securing second place overall and first place for design at Vogue-Mood Indigo held in Mumbai last year, and they aim to achieve a lot more in the coming years. G&G also takes great pride in their work ethic and work environment, always pushing their members to achieve higher in the field of fashion. They are always excited about having more people on board, to bring in new ideas and fresh talent. Students from all colleges under MU are welcome to join.


If fashion and excellence came into adequation, Burning Ice would be the upshot. A small group started back in 2005, it’s a club that brings together a multitude of talents incorporating modeling, designing, music, make up artists; showcasing their works in various shows all over the state. From winning shows to hearts, Burning Ice has left no stone unturned. The crew believes in showcasing fashion with exclusivity yet maintaining prudence in every show that it exhibits.



The official Hindi literary society of manipal is the first and the only club of its kind so far to have been established in Manipal. It was started in October’15 by 9 second year students. The club was given the responsibility to organize an event on the occasion of unity day of India which also acted as its launch event. With its success, the club was given to undertake the category- ‘Anubhuti’ in revels.
Their future ventures involved organizing an antakshari followed by their trip to VIT for Riviera’16 and bringing back laurels in various events. And right before the end of the academic year 2015-16, they organized an India quiz – ‘Atulya Bharat’ and 88 teams participated.


Blank 101 is a club that could be termed the ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. They hold talks on various topics and give students an introductory look into fields as wide ranging as the stock market, the mafia, astronomy, cryptography and psychology. With their motto of ‘Stay Curious’ they bring to life subjects that the average student has heard of but never fully explored and make them fascinating.


Volunteer Services Organization (VSO), since its start in 2007, has been providing an opportunity to everyone in Manipal to live their lives with purpose by helping those in need. It is a platform that not only helps the needy, but also provides each volunteer with an opportunity to gain new skills, work in a team and, most importantly, to become a better person. With a volunteer strength of more than 4000 (including students, faculty & their spouse) from various constituent colleges of Manipal & Mangalore, VSO undertakes projects which cover community, social, organizational and soft skills avenues. They arrange frequent visits to orphanage and school for special children. Blood Donation Camps & Clean Manipal Campaign are also run by this organization. Their annual events are Sparsh (fund raising cultural show), Daan Utsav (Joy of Giving week) and Tarang (Annual kite flying festival).


SCIO Benevolent Foundation is an all India NGO registered under the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs as a Section-25 company, first started in 2012 in BITS Hyderabad. It has three branches— BITS Hyderabad, VIT Vellore and MIT Manipal, and was started in 2014 in Manipal by Vandith N. and a group of students (currently in their final year). It has three major divisions: Vidya, Vaidya and Veda. The Vaidya division revolves around setting up medical camps for the under-privileged at remote locations. 7 medical camps have been organised at places like Malpe, Brahmavar etc, two of which were organised in NLH. Camps are organised in association with doctors from various departments of KMC and SOAHS. SCIO aims to reach out to people who cannot afford health care facilities and provide them with free treatment and medicines. The Vidya division focuses on counseling students in secondary and high school (classes 8th-12th). Through this, they serve as a portal for information about various career opportunities available in every field of education. They have visited over 10 schools till now. Veda is a four-day fest where the organisation invites school students  and their parents to the institute campus, and give them the opportunity to witness talks by professionals from various fields about different careers to guide them.

They have helped over 1000 students from 8th through 12th standard with over 10 Vidya events, and over 1500 people by providing them free medicines and health care camps. SCIO was also the official social partner for Revels’17. With SCIO, you get a chance to work on your public speaking skills while interacting with kids at Vidya events, not to mention the joy and satisfaction you get knowing that you may have helped someone out of their confusion and helped them decide their career path. Likewise, the happiness you get when someone thanks you or any volunteer after getting checked up at the camp cannot be matched. They work to make a difference, and stand by their motto: together for a change.

– by MTTN Crew

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